Is Xbox Series X out of stock?

Is Xbox Series X out of stock?

Latest (01.04.22): In the UK, Xbox stock is in stock at Amazon and still available at Game and Very. The Xbox Series X was available at Amazon and Microsoft for most of last week….In the US:

Retailer Xbox Series X Console Xbox Series S Console
Amazon US Out of stock Out of stock
Microsoft Store Out of stock Out of stock

Why is Xbox X sold out?

Xbox Series X restocks proved just as scarce. A combination of shipping delays and booming demand for home entertainment devices – including Microsoft’s first flagship gaming system for three years – left chip makers scrambling to fulfil orders.

Why are there no Xbox Series X available?

Unfortunately, there are no Xbox Series X deals to report on at the moment. Demand for Microsoft’s console is so high — and supply so low — that retailers simply have no incentive to offer Xbox Series X deals.

Is it worth getting a Xbox Series X now?

It’s still far from easy to buy but is well worth the effort. Having been out for more than a year now, the Xbox Series X has a better roster of games for lucky owners to try out, including a handful of new titles as well as enhanced versions of some of the best Xbox One games.

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