Can t find main quest lost ark?

Can t find main quest lost ark?

Below are some things to do first if you are facing the missing main quests issue in Lost Ark.

  1. Verify game files.
  2. Restart Lost Ark.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the game.
  4. Check server status.
  5. Contact Support.

How do you redo the Lost Ark quest?

There is currently no way to repeat one of the main quests in the questline once you have already completed it on said character.

How do I get the Guardian quest?

open your quest log (J) and acquire that guide quest under the guide tab. If you acquired the right one it will take you to the guy beside the guardian bulletin board. You need 302 item level, if you look in party finder it’ll tell you that.

How do you find lost in Ark?

Where can I purchase the game? Lost Ark is free-to-play. You can download the game on Steam. You can purchase Starter Packs on (granted via a Steam key) or directly from Steam.

How long is Feitan Questline Lost Ark?

You receive it from Kaldor. There are several prerequisites before you can actually receive the purple quest for it. The prerequisite quests are shown below. It is time-gated, so it will take you at minimum 4 days to complete it.

What happens if you abandon a quest in Lost Ark?

Scars: If i abandoned a roaster quest can i retake it? You can re-take all quests that you abandon or fail except red quests. Red quests however, are never roster quests, so you can do them again with an alt.

What happens when you abandon a quest in Lost Ark?

If you abandon a quest accidentally and lose progress, go back to the quest giver to pick the quest back up. In many cases, especially for quests that require significant time investment, the quest progress will stay with your character and appear in your quest log when you accept the quest again.

Do Islands reset on Lost Ark?

no they don’t reset. some of the stuff on them reset though, like bosses to kill daily. una’s quests do reset however, you want to look into those. they are easy enough quests and every zone, including islands have them.

How do you unlock the Guardian raid in Lost Ark?

You need to have unlocked North Vern and complete the quest: Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate to take part in these boss fights. Once you do, head to the Guardian Raid bulletin board to fight your desired boss. Find this location and press “G” to open up the bulletin board.

How do I start the Guardian raid in Lost Ark?

Part of a video titled Farm the Guardian Raid Event CORRECTLY | Lost Ark - YouTube

Where is raid Bulletin Board Lost Ark?

Where to Find the Raid Bulletin in Lost Ark. In order to complete this quest and find the Raid Bulletin in Lost Ark, you simply need to head to Vern Castle. In the northern district of the Military District, you’ll find the Raid Bulletin near the Royal Guard.

Why is Lost Ark not available in South Africa?

Lost Ark isn’t available in South Africa. Due to developer Smilegate failing to apply for publishing rights in the country, you can’t download the game through Steam. If you try and head over to the Steam page, you are slapped with an “unavailable your region” error.

When did Lost Ark come out in Korean?

Lost Ark won six game awards in various categories at the Korea Game Awards 2019….Lost Ark (video game)

Lost Ark
Release KOR: December 4, 2019 NA/EU: February 11, 2022
Genre(s) MMORPG, action role-playing
Mode(s) Multiplayer

When can I play Lost Ark for free?

February 11, 2022 Lost Ark’s launch has been delayed by a few hours.

What is max level in Lost Ark?

You start at level 10, up to a max of 50. And if you decide to level other characters, the Lost Ark Powerpass makes this an absolute breeze.

How many hours is Lost Ark story?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 9 35h 37m
Main + Extras 11 71h 43m
All PlayStyles 20 55h 28m

How long does it take to get to level 50 in Lost Ark?

Casual players can reach level 50 in Lost Ark in around 25 hours. A handful of players dedicated their entire time to leveling up their character. This saw them reach level 50 in around 15 hours and a few cases in as little as 10 hours.

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