Can VirusTotal be trusted?

Can VirusTotal be trusted?

Microsoft’s conclusion: is fake and randomly generates false lists of malware.

Is VirusTotal a false positive?

VirusTotal is not responsible for false positives generated by any of the resources it uses, false positive issues should be addressed directly with the company or individual behind the product under consideration. Please find the company on our contributors page and reach out to them.

What is VirusTotal?

VirusTotal was founded in 2004 as a free service that analyzes files and URLs for viruses, worms, trojans and other kinds of malicious content. Our goal is to make the internet a safer place through collaboration between members of the antivirus industry, researchers and end users of all kinds.

Is VirusTotal free to use?

VirusTotal is free to end users for non-commercial use in accordance with our Terms of Service. Though we work with engines belonging to many different organizations, VirusTotal does not distribute or promote any of those third-party engines. We simply act as an aggregator of information.

Is VirusTotal owned by Google?

Image of Is VirusTotal owned by Google?

Does VirusTotal keep your files?

When you upload a Sample to VirusTotal in order to receive a report about the potential maliciousness of its content, we store it in the Corpus and share it with our partners in the anti-malware and security industry.

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