Do you say hot in French?

Do you say hot in French?

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What is the meaning of Vous etes Belle?

i love you you’re beautiful.

What do you call a hot girl in French?

French Translation. fille chaude.

Do you find me attractive in French?

Do you find me attractive? Ne suis-je pas une créature attrayante ?

How do you say hot in other languages?

In other languages hot

  1. American English: hot /ˈhɒt/
  2. Arabic: سَاخِنٌ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: quente.
  4. Chinese: 热
  5. Croatian: vruć
  6. Czech: horký
  7. Danish: varm.
  8. Dutch: heet.

What is the definition of Chaud?

Translation of “Chaud” in English. Adjective / Participle Noun. hot. warm.

What language is the word chaud?

‘Chaud’ *(adj) is the French word for hot. ‘Chaude’ is the feminine version of the word.

What language is chaud for hot?

1 – J’ai Chaud / J’ai Froid – Feeling Hot or Cold in French.

What does chaud Foutoir meaning?

1. ” agitation”, slang. complete chaos {noun} foutoir.

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