How do I download Ubisoft game Launcher?

How do I download Ubisoft game Launcher?

Installing or reinstalling Ubisoft Connect PC

  1. Download the latest version of Ubisoft Connect PC.
  2. Run the installer you downloaded with administrator rights.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

Does Ubisoft have a launcher?

Ubisoft Connect is the ecosystem of players services for Ubisoft games across all platforms. It aims at giving the best environment for all players to enjoy their games and connect with each other whatever the device. Ubisoft Connect is a free service available on all devices.

What is Ubisoft launcher?

Ubisoft Connect (formerly Uplay) is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service developed by Ubisoft to provide an experience similar to the achievements/trophies offered by various other game companies. The service is provided across various platforms.

Where are my Ubisoft games?

Locating an installed game with Ubisoft Connect

  • Start Ubisoft Connect and log in.
  • Navigate to your games library and locate the game you want to detect.
  • Click on the game tile.
  • On the game overview page, there will be a small note below the Download button: Locate installed game.
  • Click on Locate installed game.

How do I Download Ubisoft games on PC?

To access your digital purchase, you need to:

  1. Open Ubisoft Connect PC.
  2. Log in, using the same Ubisoft account you used when purchasing the game.
  3. Select the Games tab.
  4. Find your purchase in the list of games.
  5. Select Download.
  6. Once the download is complete, select Play to start your game.

How can I play Ubisoft games without Ubisoft Connect?

You MUST first login with a valid activation key one time to complete the activation process. After activating the game, simply logout of the Ubisoft Connect application and then choose Play Offline.

What replaced UPlay?

Ubisoft Connect is a new service which is set to replace UPlay as the publisher’s location for all of its latest games, and will allow for crossplay, cross-progression and more across multiple platforms.

How do I link Ubisoft to Epic Games?

To link your Epic Games account to your Ubisoft account, you first need to verify the email address you used to create your Epic Games account. Once your Epic Games account is set up and verified: Launch any Ubisoft game from the Epic Games Launcher. From the pop-up, select Link Your Account.

Is Ubisoft a good launcher?

It works so bad, almost as bad as the windows store. There are connection problems, crashes, games closing for no reason while playing etc. In a weird way I like it because it keeps all my Ubisoft games in one place, so whenever I’m in the mood for one they’re easy to browse.

Does Ubisoft still use Uplay?

Ubisoft Club and Uplay PC will become Ubisoft Connect on October 27th 2020. In the period between October 21st 2020 and October 27th 2020 we will be performing the necessary changes for the transition.

Can you buy games on Ubisoft Connect?

Open Ubisoft Connect PC. Log in, using the same Ubisoft account you used when purchasing the game. Select the Games tab. Find your purchase in the list of games.

Why is Uplay still a thing?

Free games Besides, Is Uplay still a thing? Ubisoft announced in October 2020 that they would be retiring Uplay and the Ubisoft Club in favour of a new service called Ubisoft Connect, otherwise offering the same fundamental features such as the reward point system.

How do you play Ubisoft Games?

You can access the game through Ubisoft Connect, or the Xbox app for Windows PC. To play a game through the Xbox app for Windows PC: • Open the app and go to the game’s page. Select Play. If prompted, log into your Ubisoft account.

How can I play PC games for free?

What are the best sites to download free PC games?

  1. Origin.
  2. Steam.
  3. G2A.
  4. Mega Games.
  6. Epic Games Store.
  7. Acid Play.
  8. AllGamesAtoZ.

Are there free games on Ubisoft?

Ubisoft does not often hand out free games, but they are pretty good with having promotions that include giving away free stuff! This is generally time-limited, so you want to get them as fast as possible.

How do I play Ubisoft games on Steam?

Sign in to your Ubisoft account, or create a new one. Select Link accounts to complete the linking process. You will be able to see the linked Steam account listed in the Linked accounts section of the Account Information page.

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