How do I report a cheater to Ubisoft?

How do I report a cheater to Ubisoft?

Report a player in-game

  1. During a game open the scoreboard.
  2. Select the player that you would like to report.
  3. Choose Report.
  4. Choose Report Cheating or Report Griefing.

Is Ubisoft doing anything about cheaters?

Total Cheating Bans On average, we ban over 10,000 players for cheating each month. We’ve banned over 100,000 cheaters since January 2021.

How do I report a cheater?

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Does Ubisoft check report?

We are unable to share the details of our investigation with you. However we do thoroughly investigate all reports and are committed to making Ubisoft spaces safe for everyone.

Is there a website to report cheaters? is one of the most popular online shaming websites by far. This is the shaming website to rule them all, as most other cheater, gossip, and shaming websites scrape content, posts, and photographs from TheDirty, and then publish it to their sites.

How do I contact Ubisoft support?

You can contact Ubisoft via their toll-free customer phone number at 919-460-9778. Through this line, you can address issues like missing items, account recovery, charge disputes, game and server problems, appealing a ban, giving feedback, and more. Stop wasting time waiting for a real human to answer the phone.

Does Rainbow Six Siege have AntiCheat?

While many Rainbow Six Siege players have been skeptical of the game’s anti-cheat, the program has been doing some work. According to Ubisoft’s blog, the total cheating bans thus far have reached over 222,800 accounts. On average, the team bans over 10,000 players for creating every month.

How do I report for honor?

You can report a player in-game by selecting their username while in the matchmaking or rematch screen, and choosing what you would like to report them for. Reports you send from the game are automated and do not require you to fill in additional details.

Does Rainbow Six Siege have cheaters?

Like every FPS, Rainbow Six Siege has a long history of cheaters and hackers ruining the fun for competitive and casual players alike.

Do steam reports do anything?

The question was, do reports do anything, and the answer is, yes they do.

Can you report someone on steam?

Now that you are on the user’s Steam Community profile, instructions to report them for cheating are below: Click on the “…” button in the upper-right corner of the user’s profile. Click on “Report Player” in this dropdown.

Are Steam reports anonymous?

No. When a report is made, only Valve know who made it. The one reported will not know unless the make a guess at it or the user who made the report tells them so.

How do you report a DDoS on Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege on Twitter: “@OPChimera You can report DDoS attacks directly through our Support team here:” / Twitter.

Is there a database of cheaters?

Cheaters Database is a project to help people report and search for cheating records of their partners. You may be in a relationship for years or even married for an eternity but that that does not mean you can trust your partner entirely.

What is CheaterVille?

A new website called CheaterVille — launched last Valentine’s Day — offers the jilted a place to vent about their cheating exes. People have posted detailed accounts of their partner’s transgressions, complete with photos. Some do so anonymously, others attach names.

How do you tell someone their spouse is cheating?

If you’re ready to tell your loved one that their significant other is cheating, here’s what you should do:

  1. Make Sure You Know It’s Actually Cheating. Andrew Zaeh for Bustle. …
  2. Do It In Person. sasamihajlovic/Fotolia. …
  3. Try Asking About The State Of Their Relationship First. …
  4. Be Direct. …
  5. Offer Up Your Support.

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