How long is Red Dead Redemption 2 epilogue Part 2?

How long is Red Dead Redemption 2 epilogue Part 2?

It spans 55-60 hours, and that’s not including all the side-missions, legendary animals, or the roughly six-hour-long epilogue.

Is there a second epilogue in rdr2?

Epilogue 2 will focus on John working hard to provide a life & home for Abigail and Jack. This includes buying Beecher’s Hope & defending it from local threats.

How many missions are there in epilogue Part 2 of Red Dead Redemption 2?

Epilogue – Part 2: 11 missions.

What do you do in Red Dead Redemption after epilogue 2?

What to Do After The Epilogue in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Explore New Austin. …
  • Say Goodbye to Old Friends. …
  • Say Hello to Old Friends. …
  • Revisit Strangers. …
  • Hunt All Legendary Animals. …
  • Complete Challenges. …
  • Kill the Last Carolina Parakeet.

Do you get to play as Arthur after the epilogue?

Since you no longer play as Arthur Morgan after beginning Epilogue I, it wouldn’t make sense that every aspect of his character progress transfers over to John. This isn’t to say you have to completely restart all your game progress, but you’ll find you are missing a few things here and there.

Is Arthur mentioned in the epilogue?

However, even in the epilogue of his own game, the world has more or less forgotten Arthur with John too uncomfortable to bring him up in constant conversation. By 1911, not a soul so much as utters the name “Arthur Morgan” from their lips. He is a forgotten man.

Can you play as Arthur after he dies?

Due to Arthur’s demise at the end of Chapter 6, you take on the role of John Marston for the two epilogue chapters, and for however long you plan on playing the game after the story has concluded for the final time.

Can you go to Armadillo as Arthur?

There’s mod/trainer that can get you there as Arthur. I use Lenny’s Simple Trainer where I can turn on Never Wanted and disable New Austin Ghost Sniper, and then I can just roam wherever I want as Arthur without any problem.

Can Arthur go to New Austin?

Canonically, he can’t go over there because he’s wanted in Great Plains and Tall Trees. In other words, for him to get to New Austin, he would have to get through those two areas first.

Can you keep playing RDR2 after the epilogue?

16 Complete The Remaining Challenges If you didn’t complete all the Hunting, Herbalist, Outlaw, and other Challenges during the story of RDR2, you can still do so after the story is concluded. In fact, they will likely be easier by this point given all of the upgrades that are locked behind story missions.

What is Arthur’s last mission?

Red Dead Redemption is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It is the final mission of Chapter 6 and also the final mission that the player controls the primary protagonist, Arthur Morgan.

Is American venom The last mission?

American Venom is the final mission of the epilogue and concludes the main storyline in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Can John Marston find a vampire?

Part of a video titled If You Bring The Vampire To This Location Something SPOOKY Will ...

Can you cure Arthur’s tuberculosis?

The short answer is no, there isn’t a cure for tuberculosis in RDR2. Both in RDR2 and in the nonfictional 1890s, the chances of Arthur Morgan overcoming such a severe case of TB would be slim to none.

Can you find Arthur’s body Red Dead 2?

Arthur Morgan’s grave is located east of Donner Falls and northeast of Bacchus Station in Ambarino. It’s in a fittingly wonderful spot overlooking the valley and the mountains. Those who finished the game with high honor will find his grave covered in flowers.

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