How many gamers does newzoo have?

How many gamers does newzoo have?

New gaming content no longer means new games or new hardware—a new season pass is just as likely to drive revenues.” Likewise, the audiences for games and gaming content have continued to grow, even following 2020’s unprecedented addition of new gamers: 3.0 billion players will drive the above revenues.

Is newzoo a reliable source?

The world’s most trusted and quoted source for games market insights and analytics. We help some of the world’s largest entertainment, technology, and media companies to target their audience, track competitors, spot opportunities, and make strategic and financial decisions.

How many gamers are there in the world 2021?

Number of video gamers worldwide 2021, by region In total, there were an estimated 3.24 billion gamers across the globe.

How big is the gaming industry in 2021?

In 2021, the video game market size in the United States surpassed 85.86 billion U.S. dollars, up from the all-time industry high in 2020 with 76.15 billion U.S. dollars.

How much did video games make in 2021?

This year, the games market will generate total revenues of $180.3 billion dollars, a significant increase from 2020.

Which video game company has the biggest share of the global local market?

For further in-depth data on global games market companies and revenues, see our Global Games Market Report….* = based on estimates.

Company Tencent
Revenues $8,299M
Change 00%

How much is spent on video games each year globally?

Worldwide Video Game Spending Totals $10.46 Billion in June, Up 9% Annually.

What are esports?

Esports, short for electronic sports, is a form of competition using video games. Esports often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams.

How old is the average gamer?

The average age of a gamer is 33 years old. The average US gamer has been playing for 14 years.

How many kids play video games?

More than 90 percent of American kids play video games. The number might be as high as 99 percent of boys and 94 percent of girls. It’s not just kids playing, either — according to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), 58 percent of all Americans play video games, and nearly half of Americans over 50 play.

Who play video games the most?

During a 2021 survey, 38 percent of video game players still come from the 18 to 34 age demographic, and seven percent are 65 years and older….Distribution of video gamers in the United States in 2021, by age group.

Characteristic Share of respondents
Under 18 years 20%
18-34 years 38%
35-44 years 14%
45-54 years 12%

Which country has the biggest gaming industry?

The biggest video game markets As of 2020, it is estimated that China ranks first among the biggest gaming markets worldwide, with a revenue of 40.85 billion U.S. dollars. The video gaming market in the United States ranked second, generating an approximate 36.92 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenues.

How many gamers are there in the world 2022?

This year, a resounding 2.96 billion people worldwide will play digital games, whether via console, computer, or mobile device, and that figure is poised to surpass 3 billion in 2022.

How large is the global gaming market?

Pune, India, Jan. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global gaming market size is expected to gain momentum by reaching USD 545.98 billion by 2028 while exhibiting a CAGR of 13.20 % between 2021 and 2028.

What was the first video game?

In October 1958, Physicist William Higinbotham created what is thought to be the first video game. It was a very simple tennis game, similar to the classic 1970s video game Pong, and it was quite a hit at a Brookhaven National Laboratory open house.

Is PC gaming bigger than console?

According to data analyst company Newzoo, mobile accounts for more than half of all game revenues generated via direct consumer spending. It’s worth a whopping US$90.7 billion in 2021. In comparison, PC has generated US$35.9 billion while consoles have generated US$49.2 billion.

Which age group plays the most video games?


  • The average age of a video game player in the US is 35 to 44 years old. ( …
  • 38% of video game players in the US are aged 18 to 34. …
  • Gamers aged between 26 to 35 spend 7.5 hours a week playing, which is the highest among all age groups. …
  • 16.4% of players aged 18 to 25 said that they play video games at work.

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