How many is many in numbers?

How many is many in numbers?

Many is defined as a large number. But, what does a large number actually mean? In the case of a nine-person party, many might mean five, six, seven, or eight. However, in the case of 20,000 concertgoers, many would probably mean over 7,000 or 8,000–the exact number is indistinct.

What’s a better word for many?

In this page you can discover 76 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for many, like: numerous, several, countless, diverse, divers, myriad, innumerable, sundry, plenty, multitudinous and umpteen.

What is this word many?

Many, innumerable, manifold, numerous imply the presence or succession of a large number of units. Many is a popular and common word for this idea: many times. Numerous, a more formal word, refers to a great number or to very many units: letters too numerous to mention.

Is many a describing word?

Answer. The word many has two common functions: A) It is often used as an adjective that describes a plural noun and tells us that there is a large number of that noun, as in these examples: She worked hard for many years.

How many is alot?

A lot is an old unit of weight used in many European countries since the Middle Ages until the beginning of the 20th century. Most often it was defined as either 1⁄30 or 1⁄32 of a pound (or more precisely of whatever mass value one local pound had at the time). Recorded values range from about 10 to 50 grams.

How many are a few?

While many people would agree that “a few” means three or more, the actual dictionary definition of “a few” is, “not many but more than one.” So, “a few” cannot be one, but it can be as low as two.

How do you say many in a formal way?

The following list will help you to recognize the informal and formal ways of saying the same thing….Emphasis Words – Informal & Formal.

Informal Formal
lots of/ a lot of much, many
tons of, heaps of large quantities of, a number of
totally completely, strongly

What kind of word is many?

MANY (adverb, determiner, predeterminer, pronoun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Do many things synonym?

To describe a person or thing that can adapt to do many things or serve many functions, consider the adjective versatile. In E.B. White’s classic children’s book Charlotte’s Web, Charlotte the spider tells Wilbur the pig that she is versatile. “What does ‘versatile’ mean — full of eggs?” Wilbur asks.

How do you use the word many?

‘Many’ is used when we are speaking about a plural noun. When we speak about ‘many’ and ‘much’, it’s worth mentioning countable and uncountable nouns. Countable nouns can be used with a number and have singular and plural forms. Uncountable nouns can only be used in singular and cannot be used with a number.

Is it Meny or many?

As nouns the difference between many and meny is that many is a multitude; a great aggregate; a mass of people; the generality; the common herd while meny is daughter-in-law.

How do you say many different?


  1. assorted.
  2. different.
  3. divers.
  4. diverse.
  5. manifold.
  6. many.
  7. miscellaneous.
  8. mixed.

Where is many a used?

Definition of many a/an —used with a singular noun to refer to a large number of things or people I’ve been there many a time. Many a tale was told. Many a man has tried but few men have succeeded.

Is many a person correct?

Both are correct. The difference is MANY PEOPLE is followed by a PLURAL VERB. MANY A PEOPLE is followed by a SINGULAR VERB.

Is many a plural?

The indefinite pronouns both, few, many, others, and several are always plural.

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