How many missions are in Red Dead Redemption 2 epilogue?

How many missions are in Red Dead Redemption 2 epilogue?

Epilogue – Part 2: 11 missions.

How long is rdr2 epilogue Part 2?

It spans 55-60 hours, and that’s not including all the side-missions, legendary animals, or the roughly six-hour-long epilogue.

What are the missions in epilogue 2 rdr2?

Epilogue 2 – Missions List & Walkthrough

Epilogue 2 Walkthrough
Bare Knuckle Friendships Home Improvement for Beginners
An Honest Day’s Labors The Tool Box
A New Jerusalem A Quick Favor for an Old Friend
Uncle’s Bad Day Trying Again

Can you find Arthur in the epilogue?

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Can Arthur be cured of tuberculosis?

The short answer is no, there isn’t a cure for tuberculosis in RDR2. Both in RDR2 and in the nonfictional 1890s, the chances of Arthur Morgan overcoming such a severe case of TB would be slim to none.

What is Arthur’s last mission?

Red Dead Redemption is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It is the final mission of Chapter 6 and also the final mission that the player controls the primary protagonist, Arthur Morgan.

How old is Jack in the epilogue?

Jack’s Age In Red Dead Redemption’s Epilogue The true end of Red Dead Redemption, however, takes place in 1914, putting Jack’s final age at just 19.

Can you play RDR2 after the epilogue?

16 Complete The Remaining Challenges If you didn’t complete all the Hunting, Herbalist, Outlaw, and other Challenges during the story of RDR2, you can still do so after the story is concluded. In fact, they will likely be easier by this point given all of the upgrades that are locked behind story missions.

How many endings are in RDR2?

In total, Red Dead Redemption 2 has four distinct endings. Three of those endings are easy to come by, based entirely on a choice you make towards the end of the game.

Can John Marston find a vampire?

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Can you find Arthur’s body rdr2?

Arthur Morgan’s grave can be found to the northeast of Bacchus Station, and east of the grave of Eagle Flies. If you finished the game with a high Honor rating, Arthur’s grave will be adorned with flowers.

Can you finish Arthur’s missions as John?

While Arthur may have passed on, his work remains. John can complete (almost) all of the Stranger Missions that Arthur was undertaking, the only exceptions seemingly being the ones for Mary Linton, for obvious reasons.

Is Jack Marston John’s son?

Jack Marston was born in 1895 as the first child of the outlaw John Marston and prostitute Abigail Roberts, two members of the Van der Linde gang. He would also have a younger sister, who died at some point before 1911.

Can you go to Armadillo as Arthur?

There’s mod/trainer that can get you there as Arthur. I use Lenny’s Simple Trainer where I can turn on Never Wanted and disable New Austin Ghost Sniper, and then I can just roam wherever I want as Arthur without any problem.

Is Arthur The Blue Bird?

Many fans believe that this particular blue jay is meant to symbolically represent Arthur, while other fans go as far as to believe that the bird is a literal reincarnation of Arthur.

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