How much is the video game industry worth 2022?

How much is the video game industry worth 2022?

Revenue in the Video Games segment is projected to reach US$175,060m in 2022. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 8.17%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$239,676m by 2026. In the Video Games segment, the number of users is expected to amount to 3,197.7m users by 2026.

What is the expected global revenue from games in 2021?

The games market in 2021 will generate total revenues of $180.3 billion, up +1.4% over last 2020.

What is the predicted value of global Video Games market for 2021?

In 2018, the market was expected to be worth approximately 115 billion U.S. dollars and the source projects the industry revenues to surpass 138 billion by 2021.

Is newzoo a reliable source?

The world’s most trusted and quoted source for games market insights and analytics. We help some of the world’s largest entertainment, technology, and media companies to target their audience, track competitors, spot opportunities, and make strategic and financial decisions.

How profitable is the video game industry?

In 2020, the gaming industry generated $155 billion in revenue, By 2025, analysts predict the industry will generate more than $260 billion in revenue.

How profitable are video games?

Video games are a billion-dollar business and have been for many years. In 2020, the revenue from the worldwide PC gaming market was estimated at almost 37 billion U.S. dollars, while the mobile gaming market generated an estimated income of over 77 billion U.S. dollars.

How many people in the world play 2022 video games?

This year, a resounding 2.96 billion people worldwide will play digital games, whether via console, computer, or mobile device, and that figure is poised to surpass 3 billion in 2022.

How big is the gaming industry in 2021?

In 2021, the video game market size in the United States surpassed 85.86 billion U.S. dollars, up from the all-time industry high in 2020 with 76.15 billion U.S. dollars.

What is the top grossing game on 11th January 2021 in United States?

See the top grossing mobile games worldwide for January 2021 according to Sensor Tower data. The top grossing mobile game worldwide for January 2021 was Honor of Kings from Tencent with $267.3 million in player spending, which represented close to 22 percent growth from January 2020.

What is the most popular gaming platform 2021?

For the first half of 2021, the Nintendo Switch remains the best-selling console in the US in terms of both unit and dollar sales. The PlayStation 5, meanwhile, continues to be the fastest-selling console in US history based on unit sales through its first eight months.

How many video games are there in the world 2021?

After doing some research, our total comes out to 1181019. This includes 33554 games on Steam, 199 games on Uplay, 3125 games on GoG, 327491 games on Google Play, 811911 games on the App Store, 1893 games for the PS4, 1760 games for the Xbox One, and 2330 games for the Nintendo Switch.

How much does the gaming industry make 2021?

This year, the games market will generate total revenues of $180.3 billion dollars, a significant increase from 2020.

Which is the first true game studio on the list of top 25 public companies by revenues?

* = based on estimates

Company Revenues
1. Tencent $8,299M
2. Sony $4,342M
3. Apple $3,610M
4. Microsoft $2,887M

How much is spent on video games each year globally?

Worldwide Video Game Spending Totals $10.46 Billion in June, Up 9% Annually.

What are esports?

Esports, short for electronic sports, is a form of competition using video games. Esports often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams.

What is the most profitable game?


Rank Title Sales
1 Minecraft 238,000,000
2 Grand Theft Auto V 160,000,000
3 Tetris (EA) 100,000,000
4 Wii Sports 82,900,000

Is Esports bigger than Hollywood?

The gaming industry is already bigger than Hollywood. The only other entertainment sector that can compete with the gaming industry is the television industry. The growth rate of the gaming industry from 2006 (USD 8 billion) to 2020 (USD 160 billion) is higher than that of all other entertainment industries.

Which country has the biggest gaming industry?

The biggest video game markets As of 2020, it is estimated that China ranks first among the biggest gaming markets worldwide, with a revenue of 40.85 billion U.S. dollars. The video gaming market in the United States ranked second, generating an approximate 36.92 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenues.

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