Is 6000 a good 3DMark score?

Is 6000 a good 3DMark score?

You can see from the chart that a PC that scores 4,000 in the 3DMark Time Spy Graphics test can run Fortnite at 50 FPS on average at 1440p with the highest graphics quality settings. A 3DMark score of 6,000 translates to an average of 70 FPS in Fortnite.

What is a good 3DMark score?

A 3DMark score of 6,000 translates to an average of 70 FPS in Fortnite. A score of 12,000 translates to 140 FPS. It’s these correlations that enable 3DMark to estimate game frame rates. You can read more about estimating game performance from 3DMark scores on our website.

How do I see my 3DMark score?

You can see your 3DMark benchmark score in the top-left corner of the result screen….Buttons

  1. Click on the Compare result online button to see your result on
  2. Click Load to open another benchmark result file saved on your PC.
  3. Click Save to save the result in a different location or under a different filename.

What is the highest 3DMark score?

3DMark – Time Spy Extreme World Record ranking on 22 June 2022

Rank Score User
#1 24539 marks Luumi
#2 24361 marks biso biso
#3 24038 marks Rauf
#4 23888 marks OGS

What do 3DMark scores mean?

A higher score means the CPU performed the work faster. Your 3DMark CPU Profile scores should increase up to the number of threads supported by your CPU.

What is a good benchmark score for gaming?

We recommend a PCMark 10 Digital Content Creation score 3450 or higher. If you need a PC for complex rendering, real-time graphics, or gaming, we recommend using our popular 3DMark benchmark to measure and compare system performance.

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