Is a GTX 1660 good for gaming?

Is a GTX 1660 good for gaming?

The GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X 6G is a great moderate-cost GPU option for gamers in search of high refresh rates in 1080p, especially in lower-impact esports games…and with no price-pumping frills like ray-tracing. (We tested an MSI Gaming X version.)

Can a GTX 1660 run AAA games?

Yes, the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti mobile GPU can run most of the AAA titles at 1080p Resolution, in some games, you can play with a combination of Very High To Ultra Settings.

Is GTX 1660 good FPS?

We can observe that the GTX 1660 is good for 68 fps on average at 1080p using the ultra quality preset. That figure drops down to just 46 fps at 1440p and while playable you’ll probably want to do some tweaking here to improve frame rates.

Is 1660 a good gaming game 2021?

The GeForce RTX 1660, 1660 Super, and 1660 Ti are all good 1080p gaming options for 60Hz panels, as is AMD’s older Radeon RX 5600 XT and 5700. The GeForce RTX 2060 is also worth considering if you want ray tracing and DLSS capabilities.

Is GTX 1660 high end?

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super is a superstar in the entry-level graphics card market. Not only does it overcome the original GTX 1660, it all but matches the GTX 1660 Ti, making that more expensive card almost irrelevant in comparison.

Can a GTX 1660 run 4K?

The GTX 1660 Ti may have some of the features found in newer RTX cards, but it’s still in between the GTX 1060 and GTX 1070 in terms of raw performance, making it unsuitable for 4K gaming.

Can a GTX 1660 run fortnite?

For a limited time, get Game Ready with GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 1660, 1650, 1070 Ti, GTX 1070, 1060, 1050Ti or 1050 graphics and the GeForce Fortnite Bundle.

Can a 1660 run 1440p?

Is a 1660 enough for 1440p 144Hz gaming? Far from it. That’s a 1080p60hz card. It depends on the games and the graphical settings you use but for most mid/high graphical games it will not be enough.

Can 1660ti run Forza Horizon 4?

Short answer is, Yes!

Is 1660ti future proof?

With a GTX 1660 Ti, you’ll be good for the next 3–4 years or so (till 2023 for sure). Yes, if your aim is 60 fps at high settings then you should go for 2060 Super or 2070.

Can GTX 1660 run 144Hz?

yeah it should. But it depends on are you gaming on low or ultra setting etc. i personally game with a gtx 1070 ti, 1440p high and getting 80 fps in apex. I believe that 1080p with medium will certainly give you 144 or more fps.

Is GTX better than RTX?

Verdict: Nvidia’s GTX 1080Ti will give better performance in some games but it is not worth the extra amount it costs and since the RTX cards come with additional features of Ray tracing and DLSS it is a good choice for mid to high-end PCs and since more and more games are supporting ray tracing it is a good choice for …

What FPS can a 1660 Super run?

At 1080p with Ultra settings, our MSI GTX 1660 Super Gaming X ranged from 43.4 fps (on Metro: Exodus, of course) up to 121.8 fps in Forza Horizon 4. Of our 11 titles, eight of them were above 60 FPS with only Metro, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (56.8 fps) and Borderlands 3 (54.6 fps) falling below that mark.

Is GTX 1660 mid range?

MSI GeForce GTX 1660 TI Gaming X 6G Just because it’s a mid-range card doesn’t mean it can’t also be trendy.

Is the 1660 Super or Ti better?

Compared with the GTX 1660 Super, the 1660 Ti is still the faster card overall, but as you can see below, the 1660 Super does come pretty close to hitting 60fps on Ultra settings in a surprisingly high number of cases.

Can GTX 1660 do ray tracing?

1660 Ti: possible thanks to an NVIDIA driver update Since the latest driver update from NVIDIA, you can activate ray tracing on the GTX series video cards. This means you can update the GTX 1660 Ti as well.

What resolution can GTX 1660 run?

Performance Results: 2560 X 1440 It’s clear the GTX 1660 Ti can flex its muscle when we lean on the GPU a bit more at the higher resolution. Regardless of which card is faster, the GTX 1660 Super can easily run 60 fps on most titles.

What resolution does GTX 1660 support?

The Maximum resolution of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB is 7680×4320@120Hz. I/O ports included are Display Port 1.4a, HDMI 2.0b and also dual link DVI-D.

Can 1660ti handle 1440p?

The GTX 1660 Ti falls behind the GTX 1070 in this older title, although the one or two fps difference isn’t likely to be perceptible. The game is playable on ultra high with FXAA on the GTX 1660 Ti, with an 82fps average at 1080p and a 52fps average at 1440p.

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