Is a GTX 750 Ti good for gaming?

Is a GTX 750 Ti good for gaming?

If you are buying a $149 entry level gaming video card right now that is perfect for 1920×1080 as well as being great bang for buck, the GTX 750 Ti is a great choice especially considering that many OEM PCs can handle a 60W TDP video card without having to upgrade the PSU. It is also ideal for HTPC builds.”

Is the GTX 750 Ti good in 2021?

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What is the GTX 750 Ti equivalent?

The GeForce GTX 750 Ti is comparable to the Nvidia Geforce GTX 860M for laptops that features the same chip with slightly slower clock rates and therefore also performance. The 3D performance lies between the Radeon R7 260X and R7 265X from AMD or between the GTX 750 and GTX 660 from Nvidia.

How much FPS can a GTX 750 Ti?

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1920×1080 ‘Value’ GTX 750 Ti 2GB GTX 750 Ti 2GB (OC)
Tomb Raider, High, FXAA 66.6fps 76.9fps
Metro 2033, High, AAA 32.3fps 36.8fps
Metro: Last Light, High 38.0fps 43.8fps
Hitman: Absolution, High, 2x MSAA 36.2fps 41.4fps

Can 750ti run god of war?

We can see that when playing God of War 2018 with a GeForce GTX 750 Ti will result in a very low FPS rate of 0 FPS. Note that those results would be running at High and 1920×1080 screen res. In lieu of those results we would not recommend the GeForce GTX 750 Ti to run God of War 2018 on 1440p.

Can a GTX 750 Ti run PUBG?

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Can I run it with a GTX 750 Ti? Yes, I’m currently running it on AMD Radeon R7 370 Series, which is the AMD equivalent of GTX 750.

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