Is Gamefound like Kickstarter?

Is Gamefound like Kickstarter?

Gamefound has been around for a while, serving as a BackerKit-style, post-campaign platform for taking late pledges, coordinating global fulfillment, and handling payments. But its new crowdfunding features include lots of bells and whistles.

What percentage does Gamefound take?


Setup Fees Transaction Fees
Backer Kit $199 + 2-3% of Campaign 0% or 5% + ~3% CC fees
Crowd Ox $0.75* per backer ($525 min) 5% + ~3% CC fees
Gamefound Free ~3% CC fees (2.9% + $0.30)
Pledge Manager $0.25 per backer ($150 min) 5% + ~3% CC fees

Is Gamefound a pledge manager?

Gamefound is a crowdfunding platform that offers a pledge manager. We’ll only use the pledge manager functionality to manage all the pledges from our Kickstarter campaign.

Does Gamefound charge immediately?

During the Pledge management campaign, the Backers provide their payment details (card number, cardholder name, expiration date, security code) and define the amount they want to pledge for a particular Project and they are charged immediately.

Does Gamefound have an app?

You can download the APP for yourself right now on both Android Store and iOS. Keep in mind that this is still a prototype, but you can already play around it – listen to some story logs, check out probability calculator, music and other functions! Here are download links! New Vote: Choose Your Own Operation!

Does Kickstarter use Blockchain?

Crowdfunding pioneer Kickstarter stunned many of its loyal customers in December when it unilaterally announced that it would transition its platform to blockchain technology.

Who can use Gamefound?

Android / Chrome 69 or above. iOS / Safari 10 or above.

Are backer kits worth it?

For many of the complexities of managing a crowdfunding campaign, Backerkit is MORE than worth it. Do keep in mind, though, that Backerkit is a tool, not an agency. They help you manage your needs, but it is up to you to make sure it is set up to do so.

Does Backerkit cost money?

You can try out BackerKit for free to see how our tools and features can make your project an even bigger success.

Where is Gamefound based?

The Website is run by Gamefound Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Wrocław (50-127) at the following address ul. św.

How do you use Gamefound as a pledge manager?

To start a pledge manager, click the tool button next in the top right corner. Then, click “Creator Dashboard” in the top menu and click “Create project”. Then, choose “Start pledge manager”. Here you start setting up a pledge manager.

How do I access my Kickstarter pledge manager?

You’ve pledged to a campaign that uses a pledge manager. Once the campaign is successfully funded, you receive an email inviting you to access your pledge manager. Once you log into the pledge manager, you are asked to fill out a survey with information such as your mailing address.

Can you cancel a Gamefound order?

Brad103. Please, write to us at We will cancel your order and add amount of coupons that you had spent on this order, so that you can make order once again. Please note, that it may take a day or two – but we will get to your email for sure.

How do I set up shipping on Gamefund?

To edit shipping settings, go to “Project”, choose “Dashboard”, then “Project settings” and click “Shipping”. You’ll see a dropdown menu with all shipping settings.

How do you get credits on Gamefund?

Click the tool button in the top right corner and choose the project you want to manage from the list on the left. Go to “Users” and choose “Users” from the dropdown list. You can add credits to a user manually or by importing user carts from crowdfunding. Importing the list will add credits automatically.

What is pledge manager Kickstarter?

Pledge manager is a web browser tool made with Kickstarter creators and backers in mind. These apps are usually opened after the campaign and allow people to alter their pledges, choose additional items, personalize what they bought and type in their shipping address.

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