Is GameSpot reliable?

Is GameSpot reliable?

GameSpot has a consumer rating of 2.11 stars from 9 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. GameSpot ranks 17th among Xbox sites. although, Is GameSpot reliable? Gamespot is very trustworthy.

Is PS5 worth it right now?

Naturally the PS5 is a healthy power jump over the PS4 Pro, but if you’re all about the best graphics, can’t get your head around gaming on PC, and are platform agnostic, it’s also worth considering the most powerful console on the market today, the Xbox Series X.

Why is PS5 so hard buying?

Even if you did want to buy one, Sony can’t manufacture the PS5 quickly enough to meet demand. Due to the ongoing global supply chain issues, including shortage of fundamental chips used in the production of the console, any PS5 stock is snapped up immediately—and probably by scalpers.

Does CBS own GameSpot?

CBS Interactive, which purchased CNET Networks in 2008, was the previous owner of GameSpot through 2020, while the site has been sold to Red Ventures….GameSpot.

Type of site Video game journalism
Owner Red Ventures
Founder(s) Pete Deemer Vince Broady Jon Epstein
Registration Optional (free and paid)

Is Xbox’s better than PS5?

While the Xbox Series S actually has a slightly more powerful CPU than the PS5 Digital Edition, its GPU, RAM and storage are all weaker. As a result, games will run in lower resolutions.

Are PS5 sold out?

Update: Sony is now sold out of consoles. Make sure to follow our PS5 restock hub for news on the next drop.

Is PC better than PS5?

In 2022, we’d recommend most people seek out a PS5. It’ll save you a lot of money, and you’ll get an excellent gaming experience for years to come. If you don’t mind spending more upfront, though, PC is a much more flexible platform that allows you to upgrade over time.

Why are PS5 still sold out 2022?

So although the Japanese giant’s fifth major console has sold by the million, PS5 restocks are in short supply – both online and in physical stores. It’s no secret that the global chip shortage, which has put the brakes on manufacturing and severely hampered the supply chain.

How long will there be PS5 shortages?

The PS5 remains a scarce resource in 2022. But why is this so? Bad news for the people who haven’t gotten a PlayStation 5 yet: Sony confirmed that the stock shortages would continue throughout 2022.

Why is PS5 so hard to get 2022?

Sony Will Sell Fewer PlayStation 5 Consoles in 2022 Due to Chip Shortage. It has been almost impossible to get your hands on a next-gen game console since their launch in late 2020, and you should not expect things to get better anytime soon.

What is GameSpot used for?

GameSpot is a video gaming website that provides news, reviews, previews, downloads, and other information on certain video games. The site was launched on May 1, 1996 by Pete Deemer, Vince Broady and Jon Epstein.

Does CBS Interactive still exist?

After the divestment of the “CNET Media Group”, CBS Interactive was dissolved after an organizational restructuring and renamed ViacomCBS Streaming in order to accelerate ViacomCBS ‘direct-to-consumer streaming strategies.

How do I contact GameSpot?

Gamespot was launched in 1996 by Pete Deemer, Vince Broady, and Jon Epstein.

  1. 235 2nd St, Fl 3, San Francisco, California, 94105, United States.
  2. Phone Number: (415) 344-2000.
  4. $16 Million.

Should I get an Xbox Series S or a PS5?

The decision over which digital console to buy will honestly come down to personal preference: both remove the disc drive, so physical media is a no-go, and the Xbox Series S is aimed squarely at opening up the market to make next-gen gaming more affordable.

What is more powerful Xbox Series S or PS5?

In the rest of the spec battle, the PS5 Digital wins everything. Both consoles have the same GPU, but the PS5 has a whopping 10 TFLOPS of processing power compared to the Series S’s 4 TFLOPS. The PS5 Digital also has 6 more GB of GDDR6 RAM.

Why is digital PS5 cheaper?

Price. The standard PS5 price is $499, while the digital version is just $399. The specs between both versions are the same. Since the only thing the digital version lacks is the hardware components that are in the disc version, it costs less to make, and therefore costs less to consumers.

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