Is Pristine Auction legit?

Is Pristine Auction legit?

Pristine Auction has a consumer rating of 4.57 stars from 920 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Pristine Auction most frequently mention customer service, sports memorabilia and great items. Pristine Auction ranks 4th among Auction sites.

What is the catch with Pristine Auction?

Pristine Auction charges a flat consignment fee of 15% with a minimum commission of $5 per Lot and a $10.00 minimum commission on lots sold for $25.00 and less. In some cases, lower consignment fees are available.

How long do you have to pay Pristine Auction?

Follow. We request payment within 7 days of the auction end date. If payment has not been received within 7 days, Pristine Auction may automatically charge the credit/debit card, PayPal, or Direct Pay attached to your account.

What does elite mean in Pristine Auction?

Pristine’s Elite Auction features the most unique and high end items available from our consignors. The Elite begins on the 1st of each month, and is available for bidding until the last Sunday of the month.

What is the best auction site?

The Best Online Auction Websites for 2022

  • Best Overall: eBay.
  • Best for Real Estate:
  • Best for Auto: Copart.
  • Best for Business Equipment: BidSpotter.
  • Best for Luxury/Collector Items: Sotheby’s.
  • Best for Government Surplus Items: GSA Auctions.

Where is pristine auction located?

About Pristine Auction. Pristine Auction is a family owned and operated online auction, specializing in autographed memorabilia, sports cards, coins, art and collectibles. Since our founding in 2010, we have grown from a spare bedroom to 2 facilities in Phoenix, Arizona, totaling over 60,000 square feet.

How does Max bid work on pristine auction?

When you select a bid amount on an auction, you are actually selecting a “maximum bid”. This is a hidden amount that our system will use to place bids on your behalf. Our system will then place bids for you that are 5% above any bids placed until your set limit is reached or until no more bids are placed.

How do I cancel my pristine auction?

Follow. In order to maintain the integrity of the auction, once a bid is placed it cannot be removed.

Does pristine auction have an app?

I love this app! I have been with Pristine for a little over a year now and even got to help with the beta (app). Pristine is my #1 autograph memorabilia site. They always carry great products, even mystery boxes where you can score great autographed items for a fraction of the price.

How does an auction work?

An auction is a system of buying and selling goods or services by offering them for bidding—allowing people to bid and selling to the highest bidder. The bidders compete against each other, with each subsequent bid being higher than the previous bid.

How do I contact Pristine Auction?

If you still have questions, contact us at and we will get your questions answered right away.

What is the number 1 auction site?

1. Best online auction site overall.

Is HiBid a good auction site?

HiBid has a consumer rating of 1.72 stars from 139 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about HiBid most frequently mention auction houses, customer service and credit card problems. HiBid ranks 108th among Auction sites.

What is the largest online auction site?

eBay is undoubtedly the largest auction site on the internet and prides itself as the biggest online shopping mall. eBid has a large database of auctioneers and bidders. eBid also offers competitive fees and user-friendly seller features.

Is Beckett COA legit?

Beckett is not only one of the most reputable and trusted names in the memorabilia industry, their customer service is unparalleled as well. They always make the authentication process seamless and enjoyable by sharing their insight on specific items.

Are fanatics signatures real?

Fanatics Authentic is fully licensed by all the major sports leagues, Player Associations and Universities and delivers a 100% genuine product offering.

Is NFL auction legit?

NFL Auction, the official Auction site of the NFL, is the only place to get signed, game worn, authentic items. All auctions benefit charity organizations.

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