Is UNIGINE engine free?

Is UNIGINE engine free?

UNIGINE Community SDK is now free to all the technical enthusiasts worldwide. There are only a few real-time 3D engines on the mass market, and now here comes another big one.

What language does UNIGINE?

UNIGINE 2 Engine Photorealistic graphics, large virtual worlds, with C++ and C# API.

How long should I run UNIGINE?

Registered. It should take a 3-4mins at most, that is unless your computer is just really slow.

Is UNIGINE Russian?

UNIGINE Company is a multinational software development company headquartered in Clemency, Luxembourg.

Is UNIGINE easy to learn?

UNIGINE Engine is easy to learn because it uses the industry-standard workflow, which you might already know from other real-time 3D tools. Based on the experience of our customers, when migrating from other 3D engines, you can be productive with UNIGINE in as little as a week, enjoying new capabilities.

Who uses UNIGINE?

UNIGINE SDK releases an update every three to four months. UNIGINE Engine is a core technology for a lineup of benchmarks (CPU, GPU, power supply, cooling system), which are used by overclockers and technical media such as Tom’s Hardware, Linus Tech Tips, PC Gamer, and JayzTwoCents.

What games run on UNIGINE?


  • Syndicates of Arkon (MMORPG, 2010)
  • Petshop (Quest, 2011)
  • Oil Rush (RTS, 2012)
  • Demolicious (Action, 2012)
  • Cradle (Adventure, 2015)
  • Tryst (RTS, 2015)
  • RF-X (Flight Simulator, 2016)
  • Sumoman (Action/Puzzle, 2017)

What is UNIGINE superposition benchmark?

UNIGINE Superposition is an extreme performance and stability test for PC hardware, including video card, power supply, and cooling system. Test your rig in stock and overclocking modes with real-life load! Also includes an interactive experience in a beautifully detailed environment.

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