Is UserBenchmark a safe site?

Is UserBenchmark a safe site?

UserBenchmark is now viewed as malware according to anti-viruses and Windows Security. UserBenchmark is currently being flagged as malware by almost two dozen sites. Users on different forums are now reporting issues of these cases. Microsoft has also joined the list of anti-malware programs as a malicious trojan.

Is UserBenchmark real?

Userbenchmark is maybe one of the worst CPU/GPU comparison sites in existence. They only trash on AMD and favor Nvidia and Intel, who make (slightly) worser products or an equivelant of AMD’s offer. Don’t use Userbenchmark as they tell you BS.

Is UserBenchmark a good tool?

Userbenchmark should be used as a tool to help you see if your rig is running properly and that’s it. It’s really useful to do a quick diagnostic and see whats dying because it compares against other peoples rigs. If someone comes to me with a problem i usually get them to run userbenchmark and send me the results.

What is a good score on UserBenchmark?

60% is good, 85% is exceptional. Scores over 85% require users from at least 100 different countries to have recently voted up a product.

Is UserBenchMark good for Gpus?

Userbenchmark crowdsources bad, incomplete information for GPU results. It is less than worthless. Wow then the game performance is completely fabricated.

How do I uninstall UserBenchMark?

You can simply delete the UserBenchMark.exe file. The temporary folder should be empty after the program closes out. If you want to remove it, you can do the following: – Press Win+R to open the Run dialog.

What is up with UserBenchmark?

UserBenchmark has received a significant blow today with the news that it has been banned from a major subreddit. The moderators of r/hardware, which has over 1.1 million members, have made the decision that threads regarding the oft-maligned benchmark have no value and simply generate drama.

Is UserBenchmark free?

The UserBenchMark tool The tool UserBenchMark is offered here for free, may also be downloaded at Major Geeks and from other web sites. The program is promoted by UserBenchMark evaluating the user’s PC and comparing the results with other users using the same components.

Is overclocking safe?

Overclocking is exciting but dangerous, as you could brick your processor. Consider your system and budget before overclocking, and learn about the right tools and hardware management to take on such a project. Overclocking won’t completely transform your CPU’s performance.

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