Is UserBenchmark biased?

Is UserBenchmark biased?

So I’m just now finding out UserBenchMark is widely considered biased against AMD – Computer Stuff & Volunteer Tech Support – WoTLabs Forum.

Is UserBenchmark secure?

UserBenchmark is now viewed as malware according to anti-viruses and Windows Security. UserBenchmark is currently being flagged as malware by almost two dozen sites. Users on different forums are now reporting issues of these cases. Microsoft has also joined the list of anti-malware programs as a malicious trojan.

What happened to UserBenchmark?

UserBenchmark has received a significant blow today with the news that it has been banned from a major subreddit. The moderators of r/hardware, which has over 1.1 million members, have made the decision that threads regarding the oft-maligned benchmark have no value and simply generate drama.

Is UserBenchmark trustworthy Reddit?

Absolutely zero integrity. UserBenchmark is the subject of concerns over the accuracy and integrity of their benchmark and review process. Their findings do not typically match those of known reputable and trustworthy sources.

How accurate is UserBenchmark?

“Following the July 2019 cohort of new CPUs, we noticed that our CPU gaming and desktop indices were overestimating all CPUs with core counts beyond 8 so we updated the index. We estimate that our updated index, is now accurate to around 8% over the entire spectrum of 8500+ CPUs.

Is UserBenchmark a good tool?

Userbenchmark should be used as a tool to help you see if your rig is running properly and that’s it. It’s really useful to do a quick diagnostic and see whats dying because it compares against other peoples rigs. If someone comes to me with a problem i usually get them to run userbenchmark and send me the results.

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