What game is similar to Battlefield?

What game is similar to Battlefield?

Games Like Battlefield

  • Call of Duty (Series)
  • Escape From Tarkov.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (Series)
  • Destiny 2.
  • Squad.
  • DayZ.
  • Fortnite.
  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

What type of game is Battlefield 2042?

Gameplay. Similar to its predecessors, Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer-focused first-person shooter. As the game is set in the near future, it features futuristic weapons and gadgets like deployable turrets and drones, as well as vehicles that players can commandeer.

Is Battlefield 2042 Good Reddit?

For a multiplayer game that people play for hundreds of hours, it’s perfectly reasonable. It’s… not great. I still play every once in a while, but BF4 servers are still full and that game is more enticing. 2042 is good for for a bit of vehicle mayhem but ultimately it’s lacking the soul of the older games.

Did DICE make Battlefield 2042?

The sources, speaking with VentureBeat, state thet DICE will instead continue to focus on Battlefield 2042 instead of developing Star Wars: Battlefront 3. This news seems to confirm a November tweet from journalist Tom Henderson, which stated that Battlefront 3 wasn’t part of EA’s future plans.

Does Ravenfield cost money?

Ravenfield is free, and you should really pick it up.

How many people are playing Battlefield 4?

Built on the Frostbite Engine, many fans to date claim that those were the golden days of the Battlefield franchise. It comes with certain unique features that have gone missing in the games released since. Battlefield 4 has a concurrent player count of 1367 players with a daily peak of 1653 players.

Who made BF 2042?

Image of Who made BF 2042?

Will Battlefield 2042 have breakthrough?

All Out Warfare: Breakthrough Breakthrough has been a key focus over the past few iterations and the same is apparent for 2042. The returning Battlefield mode splits the lobby into attacking and defending teams.

Does bf2042 have rush?

The Rush game mode, an iconic part of the Battlefield franchise since its introduction in Bad Company, was removed from Battlefield 2042 last week as it only exists in 2042 as a limited-time mode.

Is Battlefield 2042 any better?

Though Battlefield 2042 is unquestionably in a better technical state now than it was at launch in November last year, the sentiment around the game and developer DICE are at an all-time low. The studio’s perceived slow pace to respond to community feedback, or outline future plans have pushed many to desperation.

Why did BF2042 fail?

According to the report, EA Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele blamed the COVID-19 pandemic, and 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite as causes why the most recent Battlefield game failed to sizzle at both the retail charts, and its player base.

What went wrong with Battlefield 2042 Reddit?

The biggest issue with the game is how poorly it runs on anything that isn’t the newest hardware. The size of the maps, the number of players, and all the destruction hammers CPUs.

How long did it take to develop Battlefield 2042?

The game only had 15 months of development time, with full production of Battlefield 2042 beginning in August 2020 — after being delayed a couple of times, and then released in November 2021.

Who is EA owned by?

Electronic Arts

The EA headquarters building at Redwood City, California in May 2011
Founder Trip Hawkins
Headquarters Redwood City, California , US
Area served Worldwide
Key people Andrew Wilson (CEO and chairman) Laura Miele (COO)

Does EA own DICE?

Reuters reports that Electronic Arts has purchased Swedish developer Digital Illusions CE, aka DICE, for $24M, or 175.5 million Swedish krona. 1 DICE will become an Electronic Arts studio that works on the Battlefield franchise and developing new products, the company said.

What engine is Ravenfield made in?

Ravenfield (video game)

Engine Unity
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
Release WW : 18 May 2017 (early access)
Genre(s) First-person shooter

Is Ravenfield still being updated?

No, the developer hasn’t changed.

How many GB is Ravenfield?

Graphics: Geforce GTX 750. DirectX: Version 12. Storage: 1 GB available space.

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