What is MangoHud?

What is MangoHud?

MangoHud is a Vulkan/OpenGL overlay for monitoring FPS, temperatures, CPU/GPU load and more.

How do I enable MangoHud?

MangoHud can be enabled for Vulkan applications by setting MANGOHUD=1 as environment variable. To load MangoHud for any application, including OpenGL applications, the mangohud executable can be used. It preloads a library via ld into the application. Note: some OpenGL applications may also need dlsym hooking.

How do I disable MangoHud?

I had to comment both in mangohud.sh and in vkbasalt.sh to disable it. Maybe this could be made into a toggle in the Garuda Gamer program? I know you asked about the HUD starting automatically, but in case you need the shortcut to toggle it in-game it’s Right Shift + F12.

Where is MangoHud installed?

By default, meson should install MangoHud to /usr/local .

How do you use a Goverlay?

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How do I install Libstrangle?

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