What is the best horse in rdr2 Chapter 3?

What is the best horse in rdr2 Chapter 3?

The best horse in the game is the rose gray bay Arabian horse, which is rated 7 in health and stamina, and 6 in speed and acceleration.

How do you get a good horse in rdr2 Chapter 3?

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Which stables have which horses rdr2?

Horses Locations

Horse Coat Location
Arabian Black Saint Denis Stable – Chapter 4
Arabian White Go North West of Valentine.
Arabian Rose Grey Bay Blackwater Stable – Epilogue 1
Ardennes Bay Roan Scarlett Meadows Stable – Chapter 2

Can you keep one of the Braithwaite horses?

The guards will instruct you to head back to the stables to meet John and Charles. Getting close enough to the stables will trigger a short cutscene. The Gray man will tell you to steal the Braithwaite’s prized thoroughbred horses, and that you can sell them for $5,000.

Where can I find a Missouri Fox Trotter in RDR2?

Buy The Fox Trotter Anyone that doesn’t mind spending the money can purchase a Missouri Fox Trotter in RDR2 at the stables in Scarlett Meadows or Blackwater for $950. The horse becomes available for purchase in the epilogue after Chapter 6.

How do I get Turkoman early?

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Can you find Turkoman in the wild?

For starters, don’t expect to find a Turkoman wandering the wild. The only guaranteed method of finding a Turkoman is to purchase one at a stable. The earliest point a player may do this is during the St. Denis chapter, where the Gold-coated Turkoman is unlocked for purchase.

How do I get to the dark bay Turkoman?

The Dark Bay Turkoman Horse can be purchased in RDR2 Story Mode at the Blackwater Stable for a price of $925.00. What is this? It becomes available after completing Epilogue – Part 1 in Story Mode. Turkomans are multi-class with characteristics of both race and war horses.

Where can I find Turkoman?


  • Gold Turkoman: Sold at the Saint Denis Stable during Chapter 4.
  • Dark Bay Turkoman: Sold at the Blackwater Stable during the Epilogue.
  • Silver Turkoman: Sold at the Tumbleweed Stable during the Epilogue.

Is Turkoman better than Arabian?

The Turkoman is de the most well rounded and versatile horses in the game. Just like in real life, the Arabian is the best horse. Arabians are good, but they’re really frail and cowardly, so I say Missouri Gox Trotter.

Where are the free horses in RDR2?

The best free horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the Arabian horse with a white coloured coat. It’s ever so slightly lower in health and stamina than the two Arabians mentioned above, but it’s still a superb option, and is available at just one location in the game: in the wild, up in the north-western part of the map.

Is Shire a good horse RDR2?

They are among the largest and strongest breeds of horse, which makes them perfect for hauling heavy carts, though their size and weight can make them more difficult to handle. This breed is known for being healthy, with average Speed and Stamina levels.

How do I get Braithwaite Turkoman?

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How do you take Buell in RDR2?

You won’t be able to mount Buell, so you’ll have to lead him on foot. As a token of gratitude, Hamish will invite you to go fishing at the lake sometime. If you wish to take him up on his offer, you can continue on to part two of The Veteran mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 by meeting Hamish at his house by the lake.

What stable sells the best horse RDR2?

Arabians have the best stats overall, and during the main story the best one you can get your hands on is available from the stables in South St Denis, which you can find on the left as you ride in from the west.

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