What is the most sold Madden game?

What is the most sold Madden game?

Madden NFL 2009 In the third quarter of 2008, it was the best selling videogame worldwide with 2,994,000 sold units, 2,958,000 in the USA, 35,000 in the UK and 1,000 in Japan.

What is considered the best Madden game of all time?

  • Madden NFL 2001. Sitting at a 90 meta score, this PS2 outing was the subject of near-universal acclaim at the turn of the millennium. …
  • Madden NFL 2005. Madden NFL 2005 is certified as a “Must Play” title on Metacritic, with an aggregate score of 91 out of 100. …
  • Madden NFL 2002. …
  • Madden NFL 2004. …
  • Madden NFL 2003.

How many copies of Madden have been sold all time?

It proved to be a shrewd decision. Despite slow production and years of releases before it became a household name, Madden NFL has generated more than $4 billion since its inception and has sold more than 130 million copies, according to EA.

What is the best selling sports videogame of all time?

When it comes to sports video games, FIFA is by far the best-selling game, with the franchise selling over 260 million copies worldwide as of 2020. The next best-selling sports video game franchise is Electronic Art’s Madden, which has sold well over 130 million copies since its first edition in 1990.

Did Madden 22 sell well?

This year’s Madden 22 did well, too, and the series continues to be the best-selling sports franchise of all time.

Did Madden 21 sell well?

Despite receiving some of the lowest aggregate review scores in years, Madden NFL 21 is selling very well. Electronic Arts has announced that the game has sold more copies and reached more players in its first week than last year’s Madden NFL 20.

What was the last good Madden?

Madden 12. This is the most recently accomplished Madden game from top to bottom. More modern Madden games have certainly played better than Madden 12, but the sheer breadth of content gives it the last spot in this list.

Is Madden dead?

Image of Is Madden dead?

Why does Madden get worse every year?

A major reason this is happening is due to the nature of how Electronic Arts (EA) develops the game, and its yearly release schedule. Unlike yearly released games like Call of Duty, where they have multiple developers cycle through year by year, EA is the only development team for Madden.

How many Madden 22 copies were sold?

According to EA Sports, Madden NFL 22 has been played by more than 5 million people. In July 2018, Madden NFL 22 sold over 7 million copies.

Does Madden or FIFA sell more?

Madden NFL 2021 came in for some heavy criticism, and it’s unlikely EA will be able to get away with re-releasing the same game in a different box each year for much longer, but it is still fun to play and the sales figures back that up. By far the biggest selling sports game in the history of sports games is FIFA.

What is Madden’s net worth?

John Madden Net Worth

Net Worth: $200 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 10, 1936 – Dec 28, 2021 (85 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)
Profession: American football player, American Football coach

What is EA’s biggest game?

FIFA Series one of the most popular game series of EA. The Series released on 15th December 1993 and becomes the most popular game. FIFA International Soccer is the first game from the FIFA series. The latest edition of the FIFA Series is FIFA 21.

Who has more sales Madden or 2K?

Recently, NBA 2K has had more success, while overall they are still behind Madden in combined sales. Total, they have sold over 90 million units and in the first week of the 2019 copy, they sold over 1.23 million units.

What is the #1 game in the world?

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?

Game title Publisher
1. Fortnite Epic Games
2. Minecraft Mojang Studios
3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valve
4. League of Legends Riot Games

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