What is the RTX 3060 equivalent to?

What is the RTX 3060 equivalent to?

NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 offers similar raw performance as the AMD RX 6600, plus it has better ray-tracing capabilities backed up by DLSS. However, despite similar list prices, the RTX 3060 is now being sold for considerably more than the RX 6600 due to stock shortages.

Is RTX 3060 good for gaming?

The RTX 3060 is the graphics card you want for high-end 1080p gaming, and it’ll even turn its hand to 1440p action too. ABS has built around that card sensibly here, ticking all the major spec boxes in the process. The CPU may be last-gen, but it’s still plenty powerful, and importantly won’t hold the GPU back.

Is RTX 3060 mobile good?

Nvidia’s RTX 3060 is one of the best graphics cards for mid-range performance — armed with 3,840 CUDA cores, 6GB GDDR6 video memory and a boost clock speed up to 1,703 MHz. And buying it in a laptop is one of the best ways to actually get your hands on one right now.

How much will the 3060 TI cost?

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is available starting December 2, 2020, and you can pick it up starting at $399 (about £299, AU$540).

Is the 3060 better than 2080 super?

RTX 3060 Ti vs 2080 Super: Which is better? The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti beats the 2080 Super on basically every metric above, except for maximum GPU temperature (four degrees cooler), boost clock speed, and the ability to go SLI.

How much FPS can a 3060 run on 1440p?

The 3060 can certainly play games at 1440p, but not necessarily at the highest settings and 60 fps (let alone 100+ fps) in more demanding games.

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