What is the saddest episode of Adventure Time?

What is the saddest episode of Adventure Time?

I Remember You (Adventure Time)

I Remember You
Adventure Time episode
Episode no. Season 4 Episode 25
Directed by Larry Leichliter Adam Muto Nick Jennings
Written by Cole Sanchez Rebecca Sugar

What episode of Adventure Time does Marceline sing I’m just your problem?

“I’m Just Your Problem” is a song featured in the episode “What Was Missing.” The song is written by Rebecca Sugar, produced by Tim Kiefer, and sung by Olivia Olson (Marceline’s voice actress), backed up by Finn (beatboxing), Princess Bubblegum (synthesizer), and Jake (viola).

Why is Adventure Time Music so good?

From a catchy jingle about a specific breakfast food to a touching ode to friendship, there is something very special about the songs on “Adventure Time.” On top of reinforcing the show’s charm, these songs have often helped add heft to the narrative by exploring characters’ feelings and unpacking tidbits of lore.

Does Ice King remember Marceline?

Marceline. In “I Remember You,” Ice King is revealed to have known Marceline in the past during the aftermath of the Mushroom War. He is also the one who gave Marceline her old toy, Hambo. Although as much as Marceline remembers Ice King as Simon, he does not seem to remember her as much as she explains to him.

Why did Princess Bubblegum and Marceline break up?

In August 2014, Hynden Walch, voice actor of Princess Bubblegum, confirmed on Tumblr that they used to be best friends. However, Princess Bubblegum “matured” (meaning that Bubblegum was being too much of a princess which made her distant with Marceline) too fast for Marceline’s liking, splitting apart their friendship.

Is Marceline sad?

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What episode does Marceline and bubblegum kiss?

In the Adventure Time Finale, “Come Along With Me”, the two kissed after Marceline declares her feelings for Princess Bubblegum, stating that she didn’t want to lose her again. As the episode wraps up, they can be seen cuddling together on a sofa, blushing.

What episode does Marceline come in?

Marceline makes her debut in the first-season episode “Evicted!” in which she forces Finn and Jake from their home.

What episode of Adventure Time Do Princess Bubblegum and Marceline get together?

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Who writes Marceline’s?

At NYCC 2015, during the Adventure Time panel, it was announced that Rebecca Sugar would return to Adventure Time for the “Stakes” miniseries, writing the song “Everything Stays” and playing the role of Marceline’s mom.

What episode does Marceline sing Mitski?

Francis Forever is a song composed by Mitski for her 2014 album, Bury Me at Makeout Creek. A portion of it is sung by Marceline in the episode “The Music Hole.”

What is the creepiest episode of Adventure Time?

Adventure Time: 10 Times The Quirky Cartoon Actually Was Scary

  • 3 “Blank Eyed Girl” – S7, Ep18.
  • 4 “Finn The Human” – S5, Ep1. …
  • 5 “Food Chain” – S6, Ep7. …
  • 6 “King Worm” – S4, Ep18. …
  • 7 “The Vault” – S5, Ep34. …
  • 8 “The Creeps” – S3, Ep12. …
  • 9 “Red Starved” – S5, Ep38. …
  • 10 “No One Can Hear You” – S3, Ep15. …

Is Marceline black?

From Marceline’s maternal side, the episode “Everything Stays” revealed that she possesses genes from a dark-skinned race, although evidently, the phenotype associated with these genes are recessive. Her main outfit features a dark gray tank top, dark blue pants, and red boots.

Why did Simon leave Marceline?

Simon decided to leave Marceline when he became afraid of what the crown was turning him into and that he could hurt her without being aware of what he was doing. Following this, Simon essentially disappeared and transformed into the Ice King.

Who does Finn marry?

Who does Finn the Human marry? While navigating it, Finn seemingly falls asleep and dreams that he ends up in a pillow world where he marries a pillow woman named Roselinen (Siegfried) and has two children with her.

Is Finn a virgin?

Is Finn a virgin? Finn is the only one who actually lost his virginity after this number. During the episode, there are several scenes in which some people performed others’ lines.

Did Finn get married Adventure Time?

However, no one knows how to get him home. Years later, Finn and Roselinen have married and had two children, Bonnie and Jay.

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