What is Ubisoft’s email address?

What is Ubisoft’s email address?

AccountSupport@ubi.com is our account support mailing email. Please send us a direct message with your account username and email address. We’d be happy to look into this further.

What do I do if I forgot my Growtopia email?

To recover your GrowID:

  1. Visit growtopiagame.com/recover.
  2. Enter the email address you used when creating your GrowID.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. An email containing your GrowID will be sent to the address you entered.

How do I complain to Ubisoft?

Open a support case or select an existing case from the Your open cases section of Ubisoft Help. Select the + Add files button. Choose the files you want to submit. Select Submit My Case or Submit Attachments.

Did Ubisoft buy Growtopia?

On February 28, 2017, Ubisoft announced an acquisition of Growtopia. The transaction was completed during Ubisoft’s 2016-17 fourth quarter, under the terms that the original developers would continue being both design and general advisors to the game’s continued development.

How do I get unbanned from Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six: Siege—How To Get Unbanned in Three Steps

  1. Go to your DoNotPay account and choose Unban Gaming Account.
  2. Reply to a few questions regarding the service you are trying to recover: …
  3. Share with us any concerns that you have about being discriminated against based on your race, religion, gender, or any other reason.

How do I contact Ubisoft Australia?

* Phone – (02) 6111 2072.

Can I change email in Growtopia?

To change your email: Visit growtopiagame.com/change-email. Enter your GrowID and the email address you used when creating your GrowID. Click Submit email change. An email containing a verification link will be sent to the address you entered.

How can I contact Growtopia support?

Conversation. Email support@growtopiagame.com and we’ll help ya!

Why is my Growtopia account suspended?

The reason you see this message is because a suspended account or an account affiliated with it have logged in from your device or network. This is to prevent suspended players to create a new account and to continue breaking the game rules.

What company owns Ubisoft?

Its video game franchises include Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, For Honor, Just Dance, Prince of Persia, Rabbids, Rayman, Tom Clancy’s, and Watch Dogs….Ubisoft.

Logo since May 2017
Administrative headquarters in Montreuil
Owner Guillemot family (18.5%)
Number of employees 20,324 (2021)

How do I chat with Ubisoft support?

To start a live chat for an existing case:

  1. Navigate to https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/help/cases and login if prompted.
  2. Click on your Case Number.
  3. Add any new details or attach any new attachments you have.
  4. Click on the Continue As Chat button.

How do I contact Ubisoft support?

You can contact Ubisoft via their toll-free customer phone number at 919-460-9778. Through this line, you can address issues like missing items, account recovery, charge disputes, game and server problems, appealing a ban, giving feedback, and more. Stop wasting time waiting for a real human to answer the phone.

Who is the owner of Growtopia?

Growtopia was acquired by Ubisoft on Feb 28, 2017 .

How big is Growtopia world?

Normally, the size of worlds is 100 x 60 blocks. In all worlds there are six rows of Bedrock at the bottom of the world, in which no player can walk except moderators , effectively limiting the useable area height to 54 rather than 60.

What programming language is Growtopia written in?

Robinson on Twitter: “@applechipgt Growtopia is written in C++. It’s cross platform GLES V1.

How long is a permanent ban on TikTok?

How Long Does It Take To Get Back A Permanently Banned TikTok Account? There isn’t a specific recovery time for permanently banned TikTok accounts. However, you generally get a positive or negative response within seven to 10 days.

How long is a toxic behavior ban?

Depending on severity, the bans that fall into the toxic behavior category may have the following duration: 2 days. 7 days. 15 days.

What is the longest ban in Rainbow Six Siege?

What’s the longest ban in Rainbow Six Siege?

  • First offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 30 minutes.
  • Second offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 1 hour.
  • Third offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 2 hours.
  • Fourth offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 24 hours.

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