What’s the best fighting game PC?

What’s the best fighting game PC?

Best fighting games on PC

  • The King of Fighters XV.
  • Guilty Gear Strive.
  • Mortal Kombat 11.
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ.
  • Street Fighter V: Championship Edition.
  • Tekken 7.
  • Injustice 2.
  • Samurai Shodown.

What is the #1 fighting game?

Fighting Games Leaderboard

# Name Viewer Hours
1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 1,574,440
2 Street Fighter V 561,119
3 Tekken 7 329,712
4 Guilty Gear: Strive 276,171

Are fighting games good on PC?

Yes, fighting games are now great PC games. Anyone hungry for martial arts action has plenty of options, including comical, macabre, 1-on-1, and team-based fighting games. That said, there are some holes in the library. You won’t find excellent, retro gems, such as Capcom vs.

Which fighting game is best?

Top 10 Fighting Games To Play Right Now

  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. …
  • Super Smash Bros. …
  • Guilty Gear –Strive– …
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ. …
  • Tekken 7. …
  • Soul Calibur VI. …
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC. …
  • Skullgirls 2nd Encore. PlayStation 4, Switch, PC.

Is Tekken 7 free for PC?

Yes, the trial version of this game can be downloaded without any cost on steam, the windows version of Tekken 7 is a paid version. One can play the Tekken 7 APK version on Android and iOS devices for free.

Is mk11 better than Tekken?

Mortal Kombat seems to be more invested in its story mode, but both games offer multiple enjoyable other modes for both beginner and professional players. Mortal Kombat characters are more brutal and realistic, while Tekken 7 has anime characters, too. There’s no saying which game is actually better.

What is the most realistic fighting game?

The best realistic fighting games of all time

  • International Karate + © System 3.
  • Best of the Best: Championship Karate. © [unknown]
  • WWF No Mercy. © THQ.
  • Fight Night Champion. © Electronic Arts.
  • EA Sports UFC. © Electronic Arts.

Is Tekken bigger than Street Fighter?

The King of the Iron Fist reigns supreme For reference, Tekken 6 sold 3.5 million over the course of roughly a year and a half. In comparison, Street Fighter V has sold 1.7 million copies as of June across PC and PlayStation 4, however it was supposed to hit 2 million at the end of March 2016.

What’s the best selling fighting game?

As Mortal Kombat becomes the king of fighters, we take a look at how the legendary franchise got to this point. WB Games recently confirmed that Mortal Kombat 11 has sold over 12 million copies worldwide so far.

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