Where are all the secret weapons in RDR2 online?

Where are all the secret weapons in RDR2 online?

Red Dead 2 Guide To Secret Weapons and Guns You Might’ve Missed

  • Lost And Legendary Arms. …
  • Firearm: Flaco’s Revolver. …
  • Location: Flaco’s Revolver. …
  • Firearm: Granger’s Revolver. …
  • Location: Granger’s Revolver. …
  • Pistol: Midnight’s Pistol. …
  • Location: Midnight’s Pistol. …
  • Shotgun: Rare Shotgun.

What is the strongest weapon in RDR2 online?

Slow to fire but packing deadly power, the Bolt-Action Rifle is the most powerful weapon you can buy within your first few hours with Red Dead Online. Super accurate and lethal at range, this gun is perfect for those who like to dish out death from a distance.

Where can I find rare weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Head to Cholla Springs in the New Austin region, this RDR 2 weapon can be found hidden in a chest in a small cave, just north of Cholla Springs and is part of the Torn Treasure Map, which can be found after Chapter 2, in a small wooden cabin where Little Creek River starts, furthest left of the map.

What is the rarest gun in RDR2?

It’s a silver Schofield Revolver that has “Canis Canem Edit” engraved on the side of the barrel, which is also latin for “Dog Eat Dog” and just so happens to be what Rockstar Vancouver’s ‘Bully’ was called in countries outside of the United States.

Where is the vampire RDR2?

Denis Cathedral. Head through the stone archeway across from the south wall of the Cathedral, then through the other arch at the opposite end of the courtyard to find the “vampire” feasting on a corpse. Note that you can only find the creature here between the hours of 12:00 and 01:00AM.

How do you get the special Navy Revolver in RDR2 online?

You should get a notification on your screen that the Los Santos Slasher is coming for you. Kill the slasher to get the Navy Revolver. Kill the Slasher before he kills you to unlock the Navy Revolver.

Where is the golden revolver in RDR2 online?

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Is the elephant rifle worth it RDR2 online?

Is the Elephant Rifle worth it? The Elephant Rifle is well worth it if you’re planning on unlocking the many unique Garment Sets that Gus MacMillan will provide you for bringing back Legendary Animal pelts. It is the most powerful gun in the game, so it’ll take down massive bears and elk in a few careful shots.

Is the Navy Revolver good?

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Can you find weapons in RDR online?

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Can you get a sword in RDR2?

To find the Broken Pirate Sword you’ll want to head to Saint Denis. Look out from the long train bridge to the southwest towards a small cluster of islands. You’ll find the sword in a boat on this cluster of islands. You’re going to be looking for a dilapidated boat.

How do you get the M1899 pistol in RDR2?

It’s an exclusive weapon only available in Story Mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. To unlock the M1899 Pistol, you must first complete of the mission “The Battle of Shady Belle”. Only stocked by the best gunsmith in Saint Denis, the M1899 by Peeters & Janssens is a thoroughly modern sidearm.

What does the mysterious liquid do RDR2?

Inside is a Cauldron with an unknown liquid the player can drink. Drinking it will result in the player blacking out and waking up several yards away with all their cores being restored to maximum. Inside the hut is a perched raven that will look at the player all the time.

Where is the Volcanic pistol in RDR2?

Acquisition. This pistol is available from all gunsmiths after completing the mission “Eastward Bound”. Alternatively, it is free for players who purchased the Special or Ultimate editions of Red Dead Redemption 2. In Red Dead Online, the pistol becomes available for purchase after reaching Rank 21.

What’s the best handgun in RDR2 online?

Here are the best choices for players looking to find RDR2 Online’s best revolver and pistol when creating their own legend as an outlaw.

  1. 1 Lowry’s Revolver, The Weapon Of A Serial Killer.
  2. 2 The Navy Revolver Is An Accurate & Well-Rounded Handgun. …
  3. 3 The LeMat Revolver Shoots Revolver Rounds & Buckshot. …

Is there a vampire in RDR2 online?

Vampire (also known as the Saint Denis Vampire) is a minor character and an Easter egg featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Can you find Gavin in RDR2?

Indeed, there is no Gavin. Many have hunted high and low for the NPC, with dedicated sleuths digging through the game code to find even the smallest hint of what might have happened to him. Sadly, there is no mention of Gavin anywhere outside of Nigel’s dialogue.

Can you take the lion alive RDR2?

The lion can be only encountered once in Emerald Ranch, The Heartlands during the Strangers side-mission “He’s British, of Course” where he must be killed.

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