Where can I find guns in Red Dead Redemption 1?

Where can I find guns in Red Dead Redemption 1?


  • Double Action Revolver: You will find it in Tesoro Azul Hideout.
  • High Power Pistol: You will have it during “Bear One Another’s Burden” mission.
  • Lemat Revolver: After the revolution, it will on sale at Escalera Gunsmith for $1,250.
  • Mauser Pistol: Available on sale from Blackwater Gunsmith for $800.

How do you get more guns in Red Dead Redemption 1?

Travel to each of the following towns to buy the specific guns they have in stock: The Armadillo Gunsmith has a Volcanic Pistol for $100; a Double-Barreled Shotgun for $300, or $150 to $75 if you have high-enough honor; and a Winchester Repeater for $350.

What are the best guns in Red Dead Redemption 1?

  • Repeating Shotgun. Price: $434. Rank unlocked: 11. …
  • Bow. Price: $124. Rank unlocked: 10. …
  • Semi-Automatic Pistol. Price: $537. Rank unlocked: 22. …
  • Bolt-Action Rifle. Price: $216. Rank unlocked: 7. …
  • Litchfield Repeater. Price: $348. Rank unlocked: 18. …
  • Springfield Rifle. Price: $156. …
  • Schofield Revolver. Price: $192. …
  • Tomahawk. Rank unlocked: 36.

What are the rare weapons in rdr1?

Rare weapons are five unique weapons found in Red Dead Redemption….Undead Nightmare.

Weapon Obtained In
Carcano Rifle Undead Sharpshooter Rank 5
Evans Repeater Undead Hunter Rank 5
LeMat Revolver Undead Hunter Rank 5
Mauser Pistol Undead Sharpshooter Rank 5 Challenge

How many guns are in Red Dead Redemption 1?

There are six types of weapons in the game, and the six links below will bring you to pages where each weapon under each type umbrella will be statistically fleshed-out for you. We say statistically, because in Red Dead Redemption, numbers do the talking. A weapon’s power, reload speed, et cetera, isn’t up for debate.

How do you get weapons in Red Dead Redemption?

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What’s the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 1?

The Warhorse is THE best horse in the game. The other ‘best’ horses such as: Hungarian Half-bred. American Standardbred.

How do you get the pump action shotgun in rdr1?

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Do Red Dead 1 and 2 have the same map?

The events in Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 occur nearly 12 years apart, in 1911 and 1899 respectively. Unlike their different timelines, however, both games’ maps slightly overlap.

How do you get a Lowry’s revolver?

Acquisition. After solving the “Los Santos Slasher” mystery in Grand Theft Auto Online and killing 50 NPCs or players in said game with the Navy Revolver, Lowry’s Revolver becomes available in Red Dead Online.

Is the Navy Revolver good?

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Is the elephant rifle good?

Is the Elephant Rifle worth it? The Elephant Rifle is well worth it if you’re planning on unlocking the many unique Garment Sets that Gus MacMillan will provide you for bringing back Legendary Animal pelts. It is the most powerful gun in the game, so it’ll take down massive bears and elk in a few careful shots.

Where is Micah’s gun?

How to Acquire Micah’s Revolver. Micah’s Revolver can only be collected after completing American Venom in Epilogue 2. Return to the top of Mount Hagen and retrieve it.

What weapon is in Fort Brennand?

Civil War Knife The Civil War Knife is an old Bowie knife that’s covered in rust and features a gigantic D-shaped handguard. It was commonly used by Civil War soldiers and can be found alongside a Civil War Hat in the basement of Fort Brennand, which is just southwest of the Van Horn Trading Post.

What are all the guns in Red Dead Redemption?


  • 2.1 Spencer Model 1860 Carbine.
  • 2.2 Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine.
  • 2.3 1873 Trapdoor Springfield Cavalry Carbine.
  • 2.4 Krag-Jørgensen Rifle.
  • 2.5 1860 Henry Rifle.
  • 2.6 Remington Rolling Block Sporting Rifle.
  • 2.7 Evans Repeating Rifle.
  • 2.8 Carcano M91/38 Short Rifle.

What gun does John Marston use?

2 John Marston: John’s Cattleman Revolver John is another character whose weapon is named after him. Although, his firearm is a cattleman revolver that looks a lot like the two Hosea carries. The whole frame is dark grey, which is well complemented by the light bone grip.

Is Arthur Morgan the best gunslinger?

There are three gunslingers who best define the Red Dead franchise: Red Harlow, John Marston, and Arthur Morgan. Despite the legendary status of the former two, however, Arthur Morgan is actually the best gunslinger.

What can you buy in Red Dead Redemption?

Red Dead Online: 15 Best Purchases For Beginners

  • 15 Horse. One of the most important things people can spend their money on is a horse. …
  • 14 Saddle. …
  • 13 Discounted Coupon Items. …
  • 12 Camp Upgrades. …
  • 11 Food, Ammo, And Bait From The General Store. …
  • 10 Bolt Action Rifle. …
  • 9 Bow and Arrows. …
  • 8 Fishing Rod.

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