Where is the cultist on obsidian Islands?

Where is the cultist on obsidian Islands?

The cultist for the Obsidian Islands is called Sokos and players will first learn of him after killing Asterion. In order to track him down, players will need to eliminate the island’s leader and initiate the conquest battle. During the ensuing naval skirmish, Sokos will appear and the player will be able to fight him.

How do you draw Sokos into the naval battle?

Sokos. You’ll need to take down Asterion before moving on to Sokos, as beating him will drop a letter hinting as to how Sokos can be drawn out. To lure out this cultist, you’ll first need to weaken Melos and take part in the Conquest Battle.

How do you weaken Obsidian Islands?

8 Weaken The Obsidian Islands This includes killing soldiers of the ruling faction, burn war supplies, loot nation chests, and murdering the nation’s leader in order to unlock the conquest battle. It will take some time, but it will also help players level up which makes the next battle so much easier.

How do I unlock Sokos?

Sokos – To find Sokos, you need to start the Conquest Battle on Melos. During the battle, he’ll enter the fray. You don’t need to finish the battle to claim his legendary item and cross him off the list. Just destroy his ship and then you can sail off into the sunset.

How do you get obsidian in the island?


  1. Obsidian rocks naturally spawn on Pirate Island’s Volcano and throughout the Underworld. …
  2. An obsidian totem will spawn obsidian rocks in a 5 block radius. …
  3. An obsidian totem placed next to a conveyor belt will drop obsidian onto the conveyor belt.
  4. Magma blobs have a 20% chance of dropping obsidian upon defeat.

How do you get the obsidian glass in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Overall, completing forts and looting the Nation Chests spread throughout the world are going to be your best bet for getting plenty of Obsidian Glass for all your upgrade needs.

How do you beat Sokos in AC Odyssey?

Sokos – Level 32 Head to the island and do everything you normally would to weaken the nation until the Conquest Battle is available. Fight for Athens and a naval battle will take place. Kill Sokos on his ship during the battle.

How do you get ancient tablets in AC Odyssey?

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Where can I find the Mytilenian shark?

The Mytilenian Shark He is found South of Samos Island and the recommended level to fight him is 30.

Where is the 5th cultist in the gods of the Aegean Sea?

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How do you beat asterion?

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Where is the ruin north of Thera?

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What are the obsidian Islands AC Odyssey?

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Obsidian Islands: how to complete the side quests. Home to what can be best considered a rather primitive take on a Battle Royale, the Obsidian Islands is also a place where you can find a training partner to sharpen your skills in order to survive the challenges ahead.

Is Diona a cultist?

The real Diona is a worshipper of the Bloodline cultist. The quest is found in the south of Kythera Island in the Skendeia Bay region. Diona, a priestess of Aphrodite, is being attacked by some thugs and you can jump in to defend her.

How do you unlock swordfish in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Players will have to go to Octopus Bay and swim ir take a boat to the nearby island. Here the Swordfish has an underwater lair and players can use the help of Ikaros to scan for this location. Once they are in, they need to fight this angered Mercenary and defeat him to finish the quest.

What is the obsidian hilt for in islands?

An obsidian hilt is an item used to craft the obsidian greatsword.

How do I make obsidian cry in the island?


  1. Mining. Crystallized obsidian has a 1.5% chance of dropping when breaking a obsidian rock. …
  2. Purchasing. Crystallized obsidian can be bought from Evans for 10 doubloons.
  3. Mob drops. Crystallized obsidian can rarely be dropped when defeating a bandit.
  4. Treasure chest.

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