Where is the High Power Pistol in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Where is the High Power Pistol in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The M1899 Pistol is only available for purchase at the Saint Denis gunsmith after the completion of the mission “The Battle of Shady Belle”.

What is the most powerful handgun in RDR2?

The Volcanic Pistol is easily the best handgun in the game. The sheer damage and stopping power of this weapon rivals some of the most powerful rifles in the game as well!

How do you get the M1899 Pistol in RDR2?

It’s an exclusive weapon only available in Story Mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. To unlock the M1899 Pistol, you must first complete of the mission “The Battle of Shady Belle”. Only stocked by the best gunsmith in Saint Denis, the M1899 by Peeters & Janssens is a thoroughly modern sidearm.

Is M1899 Pistol RDR2 good?

The M1899 is the most modern weapon in the game, and it can only be found in Saint Denis, making it harder to come by for newer players. It was added as part of a new RDR2 content bundle back in 2019. This handgun is all about speed and less about power, making it best for close-quarters fights with many enemies.

Can you get the M1899 Pistol as Arthur?

How to Buy the M1899 Pistol. The M1899 Pistol is only sold by the gunsmith in Saint Denis, after completing the mission The Battle of Shady Belle. It can be customized at any gunsmith.

Is there a 1911 in RDR?

Official Red Dead Redemption artwork shows Edgar Ross holding a Colt M1911 instead of the High Power Pistol. The M1911 was yet another John Browning design, his most famous, but featured a prominent external hammer. All High Power Pistols in Red Dead Redemption appear to be custom modified with ivory or pearl grips.

Which pistol is better in RDR2?

The $84 Schofield Revolver is the best, dealing decent damage and it has good accuracy and fire rate. Alternatively, you can rob the Doctor’s shop in Valentine.

What is the most powerful handgun in RDR2 online?

Here are the best choices for players looking to find RDR2 Online’s best revolver and pistol when creating their own legend as an outlaw.

  1. 1 Lowry’s Revolver, The Weapon Of A Serial Killer.
  2. 2 The Navy Revolver Is An Accurate & Well-Rounded Handgun. …
  3. 3 The LeMat Revolver Shoots Revolver Rounds & Buckshot. …

What is the rarest gun in RDR2?

It’s a silver Schofield Revolver that has “Canis Canem Edit” engraved on the side of the barrel, which is also latin for “Dog Eat Dog” and just so happens to be what Rockstar Vancouver’s ‘Bully’ was called in countries outside of the United States.

Can you get Black Belles gun rdr2?

Black Belle is the only legendary gunslinger who the player meets that will be willingly interviewed by the player. As a result, she does not have a unique weapon that the player can acquire. She’s also the only gunslinger in the mission to survive the events.

Is the Volcanic pistol good rdr2?

The Hutton & Baird Volcanic Pistol combines the stopping power of a repeating rifle with the portability of a sidearm. Although the accuracy is good, the slow firing rate and reload speed mean that you’d better hit your target with the first shot.

Is the LeMat Revolver good rdr2?

The LeMat revolver is a very powerful but very slow-acting gun; with Revolver Ammo, it possesses the highest damage of all in-game revolvers, with its damage and accuracy being both marginally better than the Schofield Revolver and Volcanic Pistol and decisively superior to that of both the Double-action and Cattleman …

Is Otis Miller’s revolver good?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Otis Millers Revolver is a Pistol Weapon Type, which is ideal for hunting Small and Moderate Animals. This weapons best stats are Accuracy 2.8/4 (Best) and Accuracy 2.8/4 (Good) and its lowest stats being Damage 1.8/4 (Weak).

Is Flacos revolver good?

It’s one of the best all-round revolvers in the game. Flaco’s Revolver – A unique revolver with the same high stats as Granger’s Revolver. Flaco’s Revolver is acquired through the side mission ‘The Noblest of Men, and a Woman’. It’s one of the best all-round revolvers in the game.

What is the fastest firing gun in RDR2?

The Semi-Automatic Pistol has the lowest damage of all firearms in the game, but it has a slightly higher magazine count than most, with 8 rounds, the fastest fire rate in the game, fairly high accuracy and a very quick reload time.

Is the Double-Action Revolver good?

The Double-action Revolver is statistically the best of the three non-rare revolvers in the game. It also compares well to the rare LeMat Revolver which has a higher ammo capacity, but lower reload speed.

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