Where is the LMG in da hood?

Where is the LMG in da hood?

Gun Overview

Tier 2 Guns Cost Location
FLAMETHROWER $25000 Fire Station; Climb a hidden firepole in the wall behind the firetruck.
GRENADE $700 $1250 Sewers Lava Base
LMG $3750 The Jewelry Store
Double Barrel SG $1400 Near the DO NOT ENTER area near the Da Casino.

Is LMG good in da hood?

LMG is the best long-range heavy gun spammer in the game. It deals a small amount of damage, but it will crack your armor quickly than SMG. Lead Shots are very easy with LMG; all you have to do is tilt your mouse up.

What are the best guns in da hood?

SMG/P90: A fast and good gun, inaccurate at medium-long range. P90 is the same thing but a different model and deals a bit more dmg. Glock: Same as the silencer but louder, Cheap and easy to get gun. Grenade: A hand-thrown explosive which detonates a few seconds after being thrown.

Where is the DB shotgun in da hood?

All you have to do is jump the fence and head toward the left corner. Right in the left corner near the red brick building are the buttons to purchase the Double Barrel.

Where is Big armor in Hood?

The final piece of armor can be found in the park near Da Central High School. Just behind the small trailer where the Grenade Launcher can be purchased, you should notice a hole in the ground—climb into this hole to find the armor location.

How do you stomp in Roblox hood?

The first thing you have to do is knock someone and go to them. Make sure that your gun needs to be reloaded, then press E and R simultaneously. But don’t try to stomp again, or else it’s going to stomp the person, and you will have to fight.

Are guns permanent in da hood?

when you leave da hood do you lose your guns | Fandom. You’ll only lose your guns if you are either knocked (includes while being carried, out of ammo or glitched.

Where is Flamethrower in Hood?

You can get a Flamethrower from the Fire Department. It is located just next to the police station. Enter this building and climb up the wall. You will find flamethrowers up in the room.

How do you break the ATM in the hood?

Usually, the bank is locked (from the inside), which forces people to lockpick or glitch through a thin wall with a super-punch and spinning simultaneously. You can also use the animation pack to glitch inside as well. Other methods include using the Grenade/RPG/Flamethrower to break through the walls.

How do you make money on da hood?

There are 3 ways to earn cash in Da Hood. The first way is to break into ATM’s and cash registers and collect the cash from there. Another way is to join a cop to get cash, and is most commonly achieved through exploits. Every 10 minutes there is also a free $100 rewarded to players who keep playing the game.

How much lettuce do you have to eat in da hood?

Lettuce is a food in Da Hood that can be found at the Gym for 5$. Eating lettuce will reduce the player’s strength and also make them skinnier. However, eating only 1 piece of lettuce will not be enough. You may need to eat at least 200 or more, which can take a very long time.

What does DB mean in da hood?

The Double Barrel SG or “DB” is a Shotgun that’s been added on the Da Casino update.

How do you run in da hood PC?

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What does seed mean in Roblox da hood?

Common terminology with Competitive Players are gg (good game), ez (easy), sonned/son’d (packing term; hard to explain but basically means the person that said it is your dad which is offensive in Da Hood), seed/seedling (just like sonned, is also a packing term.

How do you become an exploiter in the hood?

In order to bring down an Exploiter, immense focus, devilishly low ping, and a crosshair overlay may be needed. One method could be reporting the Exploiter, but this is rendered as useless due to the bunk reporting system. Instead, just leave and join a different server.

What do you do in Da Hood Roblox?

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