Who is the most liked character in RDR2?

Who is the most liked character in RDR2?

There is no debating Arthur Morgan’s status as the best Red Dead Redemption 2 character. To many, he transcends the game with his quality (a statement echoed by GleysonRJ).

Is Arthur Morgan the best character?

Arthur Morgan of Red Dead Redemption 2 has emerged as the best protagonist to come out of a Rockstar game to date. With a combination of amazing writing, impressive deeds, and genuine likability, Arthur easily establishes himself as one of the greatest gaming heroes of his console generation.

Who is RDR2 main character?

Arthur Morgan (Roger Clark) is the protagonist and main playable character of Red Dead Redemption 2. He joined the Van der Linde gang when he was 14 years old, having lost his parents at a young age, and soon became Dutch’s first protégé.

Is RDR2 better as Arthur or John?

Arthur and John are shown to be vastly different outlaws over the course of Red Dead Redemption 2. Even Arthur’s aim is better than John’s, showing that the former has more experience than the latter. Still, many fans have long been accustomed to John Marston from the first game in the series, Red Dead Redemption.

Who is the strongest in RDR2?

1) Arthur Morgan He is a natural with every weapon he comes across, and he shows an ability to think on his feet and make decisions in the heat of battle.

Why is Charles the best character in RDR2?

6 Likable – Charles Smith Charles is not a ruthless killer of any sort. He respects life, and is a unique member of the gang, with immense intelligence and skill. It is truly hard not to like Charles, with him getting a fitting survival and end in the epilogue of the game.

Who is Gamings greatest protagonist?

In feat or in the fullness of their character, these are the best video game protagonists.

  1. 1 Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2)
  2. 2 Lohse (Divinity: Original Sin II) …
  3. 3 Commander Shepard (Mass Effect Series) …
  4. 4 Joel (The Last Of Us) …
  5. 5 Kassandra (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey) …
  6. 6 Kratos (God Of War Series) …

Is Arthur older than John?

Let’s cut to the chase: Arthur is 35 and John is 26 in the story of Red Dead Redemption 2. While dates of birth for both are difficult to work out, we know that Arthur has been with the Van der Linde gang for about two decades.

Who is the best Rockstar protagonist?

Arthur Morgan, voiced by the phenomenal Roger Clarke, is unanimously agreed upon as the greatest protagonist in Rockstar’s amazing history. He is the most captivating character in a game full of rich characters.

Is Sadie Adler in rdr1?

Both games feature a heavy story mixed with characters from all walks of life, many of who are well written and serve the game in various ways. Among these characters are Bonnie MacFarlane and Sadie Adler, who make their first appearances in RDR 1 and RDR 2, respectively.

Is Arthur Morgan a good man?

And this once again affirms Arthur is a good, even great man when he needs to be. The dialogue that plays at this point says, “Here, take that,” as he lays down the money on the counter, “and come with me.

What was Arthur Morgan’s last words?

Morgan himself knows that nothing is going to save him and whatever he had was ultimately going to kill him as he enters the doctor’s house. Arthur Morgan can’t be cured. The most iconic quote or the final words by Arthur Morgan were “I gave you all I had” which were also his last words to the Dutch.

Is John smarter than Arthur?

Arthur is certainly more intelligent than John, but we also wouldn’t put him in the top tier. Arthur is painfully quick to answer with violence instead of thought, and he too is often called an idiot or a fool by those around him.

Can you go to Armadillo as Arthur?

There’s mod/trainer that can get you there as Arthur. I use Lenny’s Simple Trainer where I can turn on Never Wanted and disable New Austin Ghost Sniper, and then I can just roam wherever I want as Arthur without any problem.

Why does Arthur Morgan not like John Marston?

However, their relationship strained when John ran away for little over a year after getting Abigail Roberts pregnant with his son, Jack. This hurt Arthur deeply and left him feeling betrayed and also annoyed at John not appreciating the family he had. As a result, for most of 1899, Arthur has little respect for John.

Who was Arthur Morgan’s best friend?

One gamer took to Reddit to post their experience of Arthur Morgan’s relationship with a sheep, indicating the fluffy animal is the character’s closest friend. The fan affectionately named the sheep Marvin and has taken Arthur to revisit the sheep in every Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign, with five playthroughs so far.

Who is Dutch’s favorite RDR2?

John Marston John became a favorite of Dutch, with some considering him to be Dutch’s “golden boy”. John left the gang for a year to get away from his family soon after Jack was born, but was welcomed back by Dutch with open arms, showing the bond between the two.

Is Arthur Morgan a psychopath?

Unlike Micah, Arthur fully understands the consequences of his actions, and his willingness to repeatedly break the law to satisfy his own greed is the sign of a true villain rather than an uneducated psychopath.

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