Who is the voice of eivor?

Who is the voice of eivor?

Ubisoft has revealed who will be providing the voices of Eivor. Magnus Bruun and Cecilie Stenspil, both Danish actors, will be voicing the male and female versions of Eivor respectively. Maguns Bruun has been working mostly as a television actor for more than a decade.

Did they change the voice of Randvi?

Behind the scenes She is voiced by Swedish actress Kajsa Mohammar, who also voices the character of Soma. Randvi also briefly appears in the 2021 downloadable expansion The Siege of Paris, though voiced by another actress, [citation needed] and again in the 2022 expansion Dawn of Ragnarök.

Who is the voice of Sigurd?

Gudmundur Thorvaldsson (born July 25, 1973) is an Icelandic actor. He provides the voice of Sigurd Styrbjornsson in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

Who is the unknown voice in Valhalla?

Magnus Bruun Nielsen (born 3 January 1984) is a Danish actor, known for his role as Cnut in the historical fiction television series The Last Kingdom.

Does Sigurd find out about Eivor and Randvi?

I feel the same way – Eivor professes their feelings to Randvi, and they make love after a little more chatter. Sigurd will eventually find out about this, and that counts as a choice against him. If you make enough of these, it’ll affect the ending of the story.

Will Kassandra be in Valhalla?

Ubisoft recently announced its second wave of DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, along with some new story missions featuring a surprising, familiar face. Kassandra, the canonical protagonist of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is set to meet Eivor in Ubisoft’s new Crossover Stories DLC.

Can you break up with Randvi before Sigurd finds out?

If you break up with Randvi after the first encounter, your actions won’t count as a Sigurd Strike and nudge you towards the Good Ending. What’s more, if you’d rather not betray Sigurd, all you have to do is wait for the story to progress as the couple will end up separating down the line (40 hours into the story).

Is Basim a Loki?

It transpires that Basim is the reincarnation of Loki in Eivor’s Norse Isu past, meaning that he wants his fellow Isu dead in revenge for their treatment of his son. “You widowed my destiny, Wolf-Kissed,” the Isu reincarnation says.

Is eivor a Odin?

While they don’t become a full member of the Brotherhood, players learn that Eivor is actually a reincarnation of the Norse god, Odin. Through their past life, Valhalla also reveals perhaps the most surprising villain of the entire game.

Who voices Nords in Skyrim?

Michael J. Gough, Popeye Vogelsang, Christian Svensson, Paul Ganus, Thor Edgell, Olev Aleksander are the voices of Nords (Male) in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

How old is eivor Wolf kissed?

The beginning of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was set in 856 CE, making her 9-years-old at the time. The main part of the game begins in 872 CE, by which point Eivor is supposed to be a 25-year-old Viking.

Who is Basim Valhalla?

Basim Ibn Ishaq is a Sage, a human reincarnation of the Isu Loki who used Yggdrasil to permit his consciousness to survive to the Great Catastrophe millennia ago.

Who is Minerva in Assassins Creed?

Minerva was an Isu scientist, Sacred Voice, and a member of the Capitoline Triad. As part of the Triad, she worked in close collaboration with the Father of Understanding Jupiter and the Mother of Wisdom Juno to prevent the First Disaster, and its recurrence.

How does eivor betray Sigurd?

Eivor steals the wealth from Styrbjorn to take with them to England. Eivor starts a relationship with Randvi (Sigurd’s wife) before she and Sigurd separate. Eivor loses their cool and ends up punching Basim and Sigurd during an argument in Oxenfordscire.

Can eivor marry Randvi?

If you do want to romance Randvi at the first opportunity, you’ll need to select the dialogue option “I feel the same way.” during Taken for Granted. At this point Eivor and Randvi will kiss, and you’ll be locked in the relationship, with the story implications being irreversible from then on.

What happens if you hook up with Randvi?

Those who romance Randvi immediately after her Taken for Granted quest will net a strike and a pretty bad tongue lashing from Sigurd. That being said, a strike can be considered a small price to pay.






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