Why do they call Alexios Misthios?

Why do they call Alexios Misthios?

During your time with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey you will often hear the word “misthios”, regardless of whether you play as Kassandra or Alexios. Misthios in Greek means “mercenary”. Instead of addressing you by your character’s name, many characters will refer to you as “misthios”.

What does Chaire mean in AC Odyssey?

Actually it’s a Term of greeting or good Bye. ‘ Chaire, Stranger” at the start means ‘hello my Dude/girl’ and at the end ‘Bye’ It’s literal meaning is ‘Rejoice! ‘

What is Misthios Greek?

When it comes to Greek history, a Misthios is someone with a particular set of skills that can be hired for work (typically in jobs relating to those skills). In Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Misthios refers to a type of mercenary as per the game’s main storyline.

Is Misthios real?

According to Dictionary University, misthios is an ancient Greek term that refers to a soldier or hired servant who is serving for pay, or a mercenary.

Was Nikolaos a real person?

Nicholas was a real man. He was a bishop, living in the 3rd century, in what’s now modern-day Turkey. Professor Adam English of Campbell University in North Carolina pieced together the life of St. Nicholas in his new book, The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus: The True Life and Trials of Nicholas of Myra.

What is goodbye in ancient Greek?

Greek: Αντίο! Romanization: Adío! Translation: “Goodbye!”

What does ELA mean in AC Odyssey?

Ελα (Ela), literally translates to: “Come”… So when Alexios/Kassandra mounts Phobos is their way to hurry the horse. And Yallah, is the same. Translates to: “Hurry up”.

What language do they speak in AC Odyssey?

Language options in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Audio Subtitles
English x x
French x x
Italian x x
German x x

Is Kassandra a Misthios?

Her name in Ancient Greek means “shinning upon men”. Alexios can be chosen as the Eagle Bearer/mithios (the main protagonist) of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. If chosen, his elder half-sister Kassandra becomes the “Deimos”. Canonically, however, Kassandra is the Eagle Bearer/misthios.

Is it better to play as Kassandra or Alexios?

14 Kassandra: Better Voice Acting There’s no question about it – Kassandra is a hundred times a more engaging character to follow because of the level of her voice acting eclipsing Alexios’. The direction for Alexios sounds clunky, so he comes across as a bit of a meathead who can’t think for himself.

What does Kalispera mean?

Greetings. Start your day off right with the morning greeting kalimera, meaning good morning. The same word structure applies throughout the day, so just switch to kalispera (good afternoon) and kalinixta (good night) as time passes.

What do people call Alexios?

Alexius is the Latinized form of the given name Alexios (Greek: Αλέξιος, polytonic Ἀλέξιος, “defender”, cf….Alexius.

Language(s) Greek
Other names
See also Alexia (female) Alexey

What happens if you say you have a boat Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

I Have A Boat – If you lie and say you have a boat, you will have to get a boat yourself. Talk to the ship right and he sends you to the Cyclops to steal his ship. Take out Cyclops and Barnabas will help you with his ship.

What do the scales mean in Odyssey?

The scales means what you say will be a lie, crossed swords is an aggressive line/action, a heart is romance.

How do u say hello in ancient Greek?

If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me….Useful Ancient Greek phrases.

English Ἑλληνική (Ancient Greek)
Hello (General greeting) Χαῖρε! (Khaíre!) – sg Χαίρετε! (Khaírete!) – pl
How are you? Τί πράττεις; (Ti prátteis?) – sg Τί πράττετε; (Ti práttete?) – pl

Is Adio a Greek word?

Αντίο, Adio, Farewell Although this is listed as a formal way to say goodbye in Greek, it is actually pretty common. While in Greece, you will hear this quite often.

What is your name in Greek?

“Pos se le-ne?” What’s your name? Πως σε λένε? “Pos se le-ne?”

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