Is Elise an Assassin?

Is Elise an Assassin?

Today, Ubisoft has opened up a bit about who she is and what role she will play. According to Ubisoft, Elise is a noblewoman and a member of the Templar order. As you can see from the cinematic trailer below though, she crosses paths with (and becomes indebted to) Arno, an Assassin and the main character of the tale.

Do Elise and Arno get together?

Although they were technically family, Élise and Arno saw each other not as siblings, but as friends during their youth. Growing up, their feelings developed and the pair eventually fell in love.

Is Arno Dorian an Assassin?

Arno Victor Dorian (born 1768) was a member of the French Brotherhood of Assassins and a Master Assassin during the French Revolution. He is also an ancestor of the modern Assassin Callum Lynch.

Who killed elises father?

long story short, arno found the leader of the templar faction who killed elise’s father. in the end elise got killed, the templar is dead, and arno secured the sword of eden that the templar used. it’s very oversimplified, but that’s most of the story.

Did Arno and Elise have a baby?

She is the daughter of the Assassins Arno Dorian and Elise de la Serre, and the younger sister of Master Assassin Francois Charles Dorian. Juliette is of British, French, and Austrian descent….

Juliette Marie Dorian
Actor Victoria Atkin

How tall is Edward Kenway?

Judging from the motion capture of Edward Kenway, he is roughly 5’10 in height.

Who did Arno marry?

Who did Arno Dorian marry?

Juliette Marie Dorian
Died July 29th, 1900 London, United Kingdom
Political information
Affiliations Assassins French Brotherhood (1818 – 1826) British Brotherhood (1826 -1876)
Real-world information

Is Elise de La Serre real?

Élise de la Serre (1768-28 July 1794) was a French noblewoman of the House of Serre. She was the daughter of the influential noble Francois de la Serre, and lived a privileged life in Versailles Palace and Paris, France. She was involved with the French Revolution, during which she died.

Did Haytham care about Connor?

Connor understood his father had to die, but ultimately didn’t want to, but knew he had to do it. Haytham even praised Connor for staying true to his convictions despite never backing down from his.

Is Arno an ancestor of Desmond?

Arno is the third of four playable characters not to be related to Desmond Miles, with the first being Aveline de Grandpré, the second being Adéwalé and the fourth being Shay Cormac.

How did Arno get his scar?

Scars: A thin scar in two parts across his nose and left cheekbone, and one on his left shoulder from a gunshot wound.

Is Bayek related to Desmond?

It seems that while Bayek can be credited for giving all of Desmond’s ancestors a start (he created the group they all eventually join, after all), that’s his only relation to the likes of Altair, Ezio, Connor, and the rest.

Who killed de la Serre?

However, the Roi des Thunes snuck behind the Grand Master and struck him with a poison-laced Templar pin. While the two assailants made their escape, de la Serre succumbed to the effects of the poison and died in front of Arno’s eyes.

Was Arno Victor Dorian a real person?

Arno Victor Dorian is a fictional character in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed video game franchise. He serves as the protagonist of the 2014 game Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which he is portrayed by Canadian actor Dan Jeannotte through performance capture.

Why did Shay betray the creed?

Shay was highly outspoken and did not shy away from pointing out the (perceived) hypocrisies of his Assassin brothers, especially the militant and dogmatic Chevalier, which often landed him in trouble. The above factors would gradually push him further and further away from the Brotherhood and lead to his betrayal.

Does Jacob Frye have a wife?

Clara Frye, formerly known as Clara O’Dea, was the wife of the assassin Jacob Frye and paternal grandmother of Lydia Frye. She met Frye and his twin sister as a young girl and partnering up with them for a time as they helped her take care of the children forced into child labor at the factories.

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